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Is it tough to maintain a good CGPA in NITs?

It seems too tough to maintain a good CGPA in NITs, not only in NIT but in other colleges too because whenever a student gets enrolled in a college then he/ she starts thinking that now it’s time to enjoy and that’s why they don’t focus on studies. As a JEE aspirant students go through lots of ups and downs. That’s why they think that after getting admission in a college life is sorted, but nothing is like that. Having this mentality is not good for the future. Maintaining a good CGPA is not as tough as it seems, it will always be easier than JEE preparation. Students can maintain a good CGPA while being in any reputed college just by following few steps like:

Study daily

If any student will study daily then he won’t have difficulty in scoring good marks in college exams. College students prefer to study just a night before exams, that’s why they find difficulty in scoring a good CGPA. Attend regular classes and do daily study. Listen to your professors, what they teach and what they advise you to follow. 

By making a balance between academics and college activities

In college when one joins as a fresher then he/ she finds a totally different environment,  there are many clubs to join like singing club, dancing club, dramatics club, theater, robotics etc. It’s not that one should not join these clubs. Of course they should join these clubs as these are designed with a purpose. Main purpose of designing these clubs is that students get exposure in different fields along with academics. Hence, it’s important to maintain a balance between your academics and college activities. Do best in academics and college activities both.

If you will maintain a good CGPA then there are many advantages like you can upgrade your branch from lower to upper rank, or from non- desirable to desirable branch. Also, there are many companies which allow only those students with CGPA greater than 9. Hence, it’s important to maintain a good CGPA.

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