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Branch Upgrading Changes in IITs and NITs and Seat Expansion

After the eagerly awaited JEE Advanced 2023 results, students are now eagerly participating in the JoSAA counselling process for admission to IITs and NITs. This year, there are significant changes that are influencing the decision-making process for students, transforming their college choices and academic journeys.

This year, some top institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Jammu, and twelve NITs including Delhi, Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Jaipur, Rourkela, Calicut, Kurukshetra, Jamshedpur, Surat, Pondicherry, and Nagaland, have decided to remove the option of changing to a different branch after the first year. Previously, students would choose less preferred branches with the hope of switching to their desired ones based on their performance. However, this change aims to reduce the pressure and stress associated with getting high grades in the first-year just for branch changes. Now, students need to carefully choose their preferred branch right from the beginning. Instead of seeing it as a limitation, this change empowers students to fully embrace their chosen branches and align their interests with their studies. It helps them start their academic journey with a clear sense of purpose and determination.

The IITs have taken a pioneering step by increasing the number of seats available this year. This move aims to accommodate the rising number of students aspiring to become engineers. IIT Mandi leads the way by adding a remarkable 184 seats, closely followed by IIT Patna with 151 seats, IIT Indore with 120 seats, IIT Hyderabad with 90 seats, 82 in IIT Gandhinagar, 40-40 in IIT Bhilai, and IIT Jammu, 35 in IIT Ropar, 20-20 in IIT Palakkad and IIT Jodhpur and 1 seat in IIT Bhubaneswar.. This expansion not only offers more opportunities for students to secure admission but also demonstrates the institutions’ commitment to nurturing talent and meeting the growing demand for high-quality engineering education.

The elimination of branch upgradation and the increase in seat capacities highlight the significance of being adaptable in the changing field of engineering education. Students are now urged to think carefully, prioritise their interests, and make informed choices. It’s important to recognize that change can lead to new opportunities and shape one’s career path. Embracing adaptability will empower students to thrive in uncertain situations and seize the multitude of possibilities that await them.

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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