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Important Chapters of Math in JEE Main

Mathematics in JEE Main is sometimes considered the hardest and lengthiest section by the students. So, it becomes very important for students to know the most important topics or chapters so they can formulate a right strategy for scoring higher marks in the exam. The questions in the mathematics section are slightly more from class 12th portion in comparison to class 11th syllabus considering the trend seen in recent years. In this article we will classify the chapters into three categories based on their presence in the past JEE Main exams.

Vector, Coordinate Geometry, Matrices and Determinants, Integration, Applications of Derivatives, Sequence & Series, and Probability are some of the highly weighted chapters in the JEE Main exam whereas, Straight Line, Circles, Conics,  Differential Equation, Statistics etc. are the constantly appearing chapters. Below is given the classification of these chapters as per their weightage in the exam:

High WeightageMedium WeightageLow Weightage
VectorStatisticsExponential & Log Series
Definite IntegrationDifferential EquationSolutions of Triangle
Application of DerivativeIndefinite IntegrationArea Under Curve
Matrices and DeterminantsFunctionsHeights & Distances
Sequence & SeriesInverse Trigonometry FunctionTrigonometric Equations
Limits, Continuity & DerivabilityTrigonometric Ratios and IdentitiesMathematical Induction
Binomial TheoremMathematical Reasoning 
Straight LineQuadratic Equations 
Conic SectionPermutation & Combination 
 Complex Numbers 

However, students must note that despite the similarity of the JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabus there are certain chapters which are extremely important for JEE Advanced but are not given due weightage in JEE Main. So, for a blended preparation strategy students should also look at the important chapters for JEE Advanced. Also, please note that Sets, Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning are not the part of JEE Advanced syllabus.

Seeing the above table, students can understand the importance of Calculus and Algebra that dominates the Mathematics section of the exam. After having an idea of the weightage of chapters, the student has to find out his weaknesses and strengths in order to prepare a well-balanced preparation strategy. Students cannot afford to miss out chapters like vector and integration just because they do not like the topics. These two chapters combined may have up to 5-7 questions in the exam which results in more than 20 marks.

Another thing that must be kept in mind is to understand the weightage in exam along with the time required to prepare the topic. Many times, there are topics which have average weightage in the exam but appear consistently and also do not require much time to prepare. Such chapters should be considered as important as the highly weighted chapters. This has not to be misunderstood with completely skipping the topic but used to prepare a priority order of revision especially in the time when very few days are left for the exam. Doing all the chapters thoroughly is very important if you want to get the seat in the prestigious colleges of the country and not just merely qualify the exam.