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JEE main 2022 is on news day by day because on every few days we are coming across fresh information, like earlier it was guessed that there might be 4 attempts for JEE Main but then NTA (National Testing Agency) declared that only two attempts will be there for this year’s JEE Main exam that is for year 2022. Not only that, in fact this is the first time when 75 % criteria have been waived off for JEE aspirants. Like earlier it used to happen that aspirants who are appearing for JEE exam must have scored at least 75 % in board or top 20 percentile in equivalent exams. But for 2022’s JEE candidates, they can take the JEE exam even if they don’t meet these criteria. This was very new in the history of the JEE exam. And now when we talk about JEE Main date, then here also you can see that the earlier date allotted was from 16 Apr to 21 Apr. But now this date has been changed to 21 April that means instead of 16 April JEE main will commence from 21 April.

Now aspirants may think that either it will affect their preparation or not. So, the thing is that whether this affects us or not depends on the fact that what is our perspective for this change that is occurring. As JEE main is postponed by 5 days, there may be three categories of impacts that might be seen among JEE aspirants. First impact is no impact that means the aspirant is neither disturbed and nor happy with change in date of exam. They are just utilizing the time as they used to do. Second category is for those aspirants who have taken it positively, that is they are happy with the postponement of the exam that they will get 5 days extra to boost up their preparation. While the 3rd category is of those kinds of aspirants who are not happy with the delay in the exam. Because they had their own plans that got a break because of a delay in the exam. But because of the delay in exams, one will get less time to prepare for JEE advanced. So, everyone has their own view for it, be it positive or negative or no impact.

But the thing is that the JEE main date has been already postponed for the year 2022 because it was clashing with board exam dates. So, now you don’t need to think about its negative impacts. One should think about advantages which one may get with delay in the exam like 5 more days to give your best and to improve your preparation.

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Rituja Rani
Rituja Rani hails from Bihar and is in her 3rd year of B.Tech course at NIT Jalandhar.
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