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How to use online classes for JEE/NEET?

With the world getting digitalised, JEE/NEET preparation is also getting digitalised. An important thing here for students is how they can utilize the online classes to ensure the best preparation for JEE/NEET.

Some students are too sometimes too skeptical about online classes. They often form stereotypes like you will not be able to concentrate, doubt clearing will be problematic, note-taking may be difficult, etc. But these things are far from reality. In this article, we will discuss how students can best utilise online classes- 

How is online study different from offline classes?
  • You don’t waste time traveling and can utilize that time for self study, a luxury not available in offline mode.
  • You can take classes from anywhere. You just need the internet. But in offline mode, you have to reach the classroom to attend the classes.
  • Online classes save you commuting time and money.
  • Notes provided by the teacher. Generally, in online classes, teachers provide slides and notes to students. At PracBee, we give Personalized attention to each student through our One-on-one classes.
  • Online quizzes. In offline mode, students are given physical copies of quizzes which may be hard to maintain and access.

The key to success in online classes is students’ own enthusiasm and motivation. The teacher is there, notes are there, and theory and questions are there, but if you are not mentally present, the classes will not be effective.

Tips to utilize online classes effectively.
  • Have a vision, mission and goals.

Students should have a vision which means what objectives they want to achieve or what they want to become. A student can have the vision to pursue CS from IIT B or MBBS from AIIMS Delhi and build up a promising career.

The mission is straightforward: crack JEE or NEET with an excellent rank. To do so, you need to fix some goals like completing the syllabus six months before exams or completing some subjects during the summer vacation, etc.

Constantly remind yourself of your vision, mission and goals to stay focused on your preparation.

  • Take Notes

PracBee classes are always interactive and thus students are attentive at making notes. So, it’s important to write what things you have understood, write down your doubts, highlight the important points, and actively participate in the class.

  • Never miss the quizzes.

Many students feel too overconfident after the class, as if they have mastered the subject, and skip the quizzes. Always avoid such harmful behavior.

  • Manage your time well

The key to success in JEE/NEET is practice; no matter how many times you watch your classes, things will cement in your mind only when you practise. So, ensure that daily you do at least 2 hours of dedicated problem-solving. Start with the PYQs and then move on to mocks. Get FREE Mock tests here.

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