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Important books for JEE Chemistry

There are thousands of books which are available in the market for JEE preparation but every book is not relevant for a JEE aspirant so I will tell you some important books as well as the short strategy to solve them.

We know that chemistry is divided into three parts so for the first part I.e. Physical chemistry we have

1. O.P. Tandon

2. Himanshu Pandey 

3. R.C. Mukherjee

These are the most reputed books for Physical chemistry and you may solve any of the book. We’ll discuss the strategy ahead.

For Inorganic chemistry you don’t need as such books but still if you want to follow a book for this part then you may go with 


It is the best and only book present in the market for Inorganic chemistry but it mostly contains theory part. For question practice you may refer to the book of CENGAGE chemistry series as there are lots of questions present.

For organic chemistry there are again so many books present in the market but there is one book which is very famous i.e.

Organic chemistry by M.S. CHOUHAN

This book comes in two formats. One is for JEE mains and another one for JEE advanced so if you are in class 11th then you may refer to both the books but if you are in class 12th or dropper then I would suggest you to go with JEE mains book only. If you are able to complete that mains book then you can easily complete that advanced book in 20-25 days but if you will directly move for JEE advanced book then it might be possible that you won’t be able to solve any of them.

There are also many foreign authors books which usually JEE aspirants follow but I won’t suggest you to go for it as these books are too lengthy and it is not possible to cover them in 2 years so it’s better to go with Indian authors only.

Coming to the strategy part I would say that never ever solve these books directly!

First, complete your own coaching material as most of the important questions of these books are already covered in study material itself and then go with the last year questions as these questions will give you a good idea for the pattern of questions asked in JEE. After completely done with these two things then only go with those above books and if you are preparing for only decent rank then there is no need to solve these books.

Lastly, if you are solving these books then you should give your book to your faculty and tell them to mark some important questions and then solve only those questions which they have marked for you because these books are already too bulky and you won’t be able to solve all of these books completely.

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