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How to handle JEE/NEET exam stress?

JEE and NEET are among the most challenging exams, where students need to put their best to get even a decent rank. So, generally, students get stressed out, frustrated, burned out and depressed in their preparation journey. Once you get down on the slippery slope of stress, anxiety and depression, your cognitive abilities suffer a significant decline.

So, this article will help you know how to avoid/handle exam stress. So that you can prepare well and rank high. 

What is exam stress?

Exam stress is the tension, anxiety and worry that a student faces because of upcoming JEE/NEET exams. It is normal to feel stressed about forthcoming tests, exams, papers or presentations. Still, it becomes problematic when it interferes with your ability to perform and achieve your exam and learning goals.

Reasons for exam stress.

Common reasons for getting stressed out during preparation are-

  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of Preparation 
  • The pressure of scoring well in the examination
  • Improper or no study schedule
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Fear or panicking about things are not going well.
  • Difficulty studying or understanding the subject.
  • Peer pressure, family pressure, competition, etc.
Symptoms of exam stress.
  • Increased/Low blood pressure 
  • Stiff muscles.
  • Sweating 
  • Panic/feeling discomfort
  • Feeling confused 
  • Having trouble making decisions 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, depressed. 
  • Lack of motivation to do anything 
  • Insomnia 
  • Habits like- Fidgeting, nail-biting, teeth grinding, etc.
Handling JEE/NEET exam Stress

Some students easily handle exam stress and may even turn it into a catalyst for encouraging them towards their goals. But for the majority of the students, it’s a big hurdle, which often leads to the student giving up on the exam preparation, losing their confidence and performing below their capacity. Being stressed is not a very healthy state of mind; it leads to cognitive decline, so one should try to get over it quickly.

Tips for handling/avoiding exam stress-
  • Know the exam well- Many students don’t even know the syllabus even midway through their preparation. So prepare well, take the help of mentors, seniors, etc.
  • Set goals- Set SMART goals, follow a schedule and regularly monitor your progress. This will help you see where you stand and how much you need to progress further.
  • Don’t Torture your body– Sleep well, eat healthily, practise yoga meditation, exercise regularly and don’t overstress your body.
  • Develop healthy habits and avoid the bad ones- you can avoid a lot many lifestyle diseases by simply developing good habits like- rising early in the morning, maintaining personal hygiene, maintaining good relationships/friendships, etc.
  • Time management- Time is the most precious gift; use it wisely. Make sure you do the right thing at the right time to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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