Before appearing for any of the 4 attempts of JEE Main, one must realize and be sure of where exactly he or she needs to apply his energy. As quoted by Sun Tzu, the one who knows when to fight and when not to fight will win. Therefore, aspirants should learn the importance of each of these 4 JEE Main attempts that he/she has before the JEE Advance examination. Two of the 4 attempts which basically are in each of the 4 months before the Advance exam on 3, June 2021, can be considered to be relatively more important than the others. Preparation of May attempt and February attempt must be stronger. 

Therefore, aspirants’ target must be to at least finish the 60% syllabus before the JEE Main February attempt and the 80% before the JEE Main May attempt in order to avoid wasting the time. These two attempts are important among the others because if you focus on the JEE Main April attempt then your preparation for Boards which will be held in May will get hampered. This strategic planning will help students to build and set momentum. Apart from these, this will also provide you a tunneled vision where you focus on a specific target and achieve it instead of vague planning of finishing the entire syllabus at once. Such planning will only make you procrastinate things believing that you have a lot of time left. This is the strategy most successful students use not only for JEE Advance but for any other important exam. 

Once you understand how to handle your 4 attempts wisely, the next thing to focus on is how to prepare for Board Exams. One of the silliest things a student can do during this phase is approaching your Boards books and start preparing from the beginning. Aspirants need to understand that the exam they have opted for which is JEE Mains + Advance, has the same content/ syllabus as that of their Board exams. The only thing different is the orientation of the content. In other words, students preparing for JEE entrance are well prepared with solving MCQs and might have lost the habit of writing theory which is required for Board Exams. Hence, you need to prepare to answer the questions theoretically in order to excel in your Board exams. In fact, targetting the question papers of the past 10 years can be very helpful as most of the time questions turn out to be repetitive. Or otherwise, this will give you a good idea of how Board exam question papers are. Also, don’t just go through the question papers but also try solving them creating a similar environment as that of boards to build your preparation stronger. While preparing work with the cycle of Analyze, Revise, Practice, Prepare to win the game.

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