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Best Study Material for JEE Main

Every student who aims to be an engineer puts his all efforts to crack highly competitive examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, etc. Apart from working hard for the exam, choosing the right study material becomes equally important. Students should have a clear idea of the books they should follow for their preparation and also they should not experiment with selection of books time and again. Before we discuss which books can be useful for what subject, one thing that should be clear is that what includes your study material. Study material for an exam like JEE Main includes NCERTs, reference books, self-made notes, test series or mock tests, handouts (if required). 

Students are advised to be focused during classes and prepare proper notes that can be used for revision even months after. All the concepts should be noted down in an organized manner as this will build the foundation and clear all the basics. Along with this, students can focus on building knowledge via reference books, and practicing tests. Some of the important reference books for each subject are given below:

Important Books for Physics:

Students can opt for either or both of the books. They will help in building concept and has large number of quality questions to solve JEE standard problems.

Concepts of Physics Volume – 1 and Volume – 2 by HC Verma

Practice book Physics for JEE Main and Advanced by D.C. Pandey

Important Books for Chemistry:

Students are advised to religiously follow NCERT textbooks for Chemistry as they cover concepts in a very clear manner and are easier to learn. Apart from NCERT, students can follow the below books for Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon

Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee

Important Books for Mathematics:

For mathematics, students are advised to practice as many problems as possible. Following any of the below books will provide students with ample questions to practice. 

IIT Mathematics by M L Khanna

Objective Mathematics for JEE by R D Sharma

Apart from books, students should practice past year question papers and have an understanding of type of questions asked in JEE. They may include any book which has organized topic-wise or chapter-wise past year JEE questions in their study material. Solving mock test papers and analyzing them becomes equally important and this has to be done parallel to their preparation.  Last but not least, students can also prepare a hand-book of their own where they can write short notes, formulas, mnemonics, or anything else that helps them in quick revision of their concepts. Doing this will help them in saving lot of time and revise things efficiently. This will also help in times when exam comes closer.

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