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How to stay engaged in JEE/NEET preparation throughout the year?

JEE/NEET preparation is not a one-day affair; it takes at least one and sometimes two years of preparation to score a good rank in JEE/NEET. The critical elements for success in JEE/NEET are dedication and consistency. When they keep themselves engaged in their preparation throughout the year with commitment and enthusiasm, they learn their lessons well, score well in mock tests and ultimate crack JEE/NEET with a good rank. This article will show how students can keep themselves enthusiastically engaged in JEE/NEET preparation throughout the year.

Why staying dedicated throughout the year is essential?

When students start their JEE/NEET preparation, their initial enthusiasm motivates them to stay engaged in preparation. But as the classes go on, quizzes happen, peer pressure builds up, competition sets in, etc., students lose their enthusiasm, their rhythm and become slack in their preparation.

How to stay engaged and focused on preparation?

  • Start with a firm belief in your capabilities and be optimistic about your success.

At the start of their preparation, students should start with a positive mindset; always remember why JEE/NEET is important for you and your family, and always have faith in your teachers. 

  • Plan your preparation journey.

If often said, “when we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” So, it’s better to fix your vision, mission and goals at the beginning of your preparation. Students can discuss their plans with teachers and set goals to monitor their preparation.

  • Don’t stay alone

Sometimes totally cut themselves off from family and friends during their preparation, and become loners. But it’s not the best thing to do, if students study in a group, they perform well as there is a motivation to outperform one’s friends. So, it’s advised that students should make a study group of fellow students to remain enthusiastic, motivated and competitive.

  • Minimize distractions.

The biggest challenge for students these days is to avoid distractions. Students are now bombarded with various social media sites, preparation material, online entertainment, etc. So, for good results, it’s advised that students should reduce their time on the internet to a bare minimum. 

  • Maintain good health

Students often don’t take care of their health during their preparation and then later suffer from serious health issues like liver trouble, eye trouble, mental problems like anxiety, tension, etc. So, it’s best advised to maintain health, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, etc. To stay motivated for health, students should remember the saying that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

Students should remember that preparing for JEE/NEET is no magic spell; it’s a serious commitment that requires enthusiasm, dedication and focus. Students should pay attention to the above easy-to-follow steps to maintain good focus, health, and preparation. 

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