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JEE Main 2022: SWOT Analysis

First, we will start with understanding the full form of SWOT. SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. So, let’s get started with strength first. What strategy you adopted and up to what level your preparation is will determine your strength. If you have prepared well for the exam with both hard work and smart work then this will act as your strength. You will have the confidence that you can perform well in the exam. But it’s not that easy! If you don’t prepare well for the exam with your full dedication then you will have to face the repercussions as well. 

Next, we will discuss its weaknesses. For JEE main 2022 you need to find out your weak areas, where you are lagging. Converting your weakness into your strength is in your hand only. When you give mock tests, make sure to analyze them as well. You can examine whether your strategy is good or not and whether you are good with time management skills or not. Pay attention to each and every detail and put your best efforts to correct the mistakes. 

The next one is opportunities! For JEE Main 2022 each aspirant has many opportunities like there is no 75 % criteria which allows all those candidates who have scored less than 75% in their 12th standard to sit for the examination. Not only that, aspirants got more time to prepare for the JEE main as the exam got postponed twice. Earlier it was to be held in Feb but got postponed to June. But sometimes, these opportunities can take the form of threats as well. 

Let’s discuss how these opportunities can become a threat. The “75 % criteria” has been waived off so that more candidates can appear for the exam because of which the competition will rise and candidates will have to struggle more to secure a good rank. Due to the postponement of exams, aspirants will get late to get admitted to a college. As the number of questions has also been reduced from 90 to 75 so it’s fair to say that the exam pattern will also get changed. Now, there will be numerical as well as objective questions. 

That’s it for the SWOT Analysis part. We hope that this blog was able to give you some insights about the JEE Main exam 2022.

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