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NEET UG 2024: Things to take care of in revised syllabus

There is no doubt that the NMC’s (National Medical Commission) change of the NEET UG 2024 syllabus has created a stir among those aspiring to become doctors. The most important thing on your mind right now, as a NEET applicant, is how to adjust. Allow this well chosen guide to help you approach this transition logically and prepare yourself before you become overwhelmed by the deluge of conflicting viewpoints coming your way. The revised curriculum includes significant changes in a number of topic areas. Below is a summary of the modifications.

The only new material included in class 12 is Experimental Skills, nothing has been removed from the current syllabus.
The eleventh-grade course Physical World has been dropped, but no new material has been added.

Chemical interactions
The subjects that have been removed from class 12 are Solid State, Surface Chemistry, General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements, Polymers, and Chemistry in Everyday Life. The new addition is Principles Related to Practical Chemistry.
The class eleven syllabuses no longer include States of Matter: Gases & Liquids, Hydrogen, S-Block Elements, or Environmental Chemistry. No new topics have been added.
An addition is Botany Biodiversity and Conservation (Sacred Groves). Class 12 has dropped Environmental Issues, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, and Reproduction in Organisms.
Malvaceae, Cruciferae, Leguminosae, Compositae, and Gramineae morphology of flowering plants is a new addition, but Transport in Plants and Mineral Nutrition have been eliminated for class 11.

Animal science
For class 12, the topics Reproduction in Organisms and Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production – Animal Husbandry have been removed, but no new ones have been added.
The syllabus for class 11 now includes Structural Organisation in Animals – Animal Morphology (Frog) instead of Digestion and Absorption.

Counselling for NEET hopefuls For those aiming to pass the NEET, the updated syllabus offers both chances and challenges. Here are some essential guidelines to help you with your planning.
  • The syllabus’s total mass has been decreased. That being said, there’s no need to celebrate just yet because the competition is still very strong.
  • Obtain as many study materials, test papers, and guidebooks as you can on the newly added topics that aren’t covered in the previous year’s exams. However, base your research solely on reliable sources and utilise the NCERT books as a guide.
  • To improve your comprehension of the ideas and subjects, practise as many questions as you can.
  • The new education policy’s guiding principles—which place more emphasis on comprehension than rote learning—are reflected in the updated syllabus.
  • Despite the reduced curriculum, keep in mind that themes are related within a single chapter.
  • As the material is updated and modified, it is critical for NEET UG 2024 candidates to maintain a steadfast commitment to their daily study sessions. Stay in the now and continue your preparation with the same zeal.

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