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How to solve and analyze mock tests for IIT JEE Main?

Solving sample or mock tests for JEE Main is not only one of the best practices to score high but also an essential requirement to crack JEE entrance exam. Giving any test or mock exams helps us realize how prepared we are for the exam and helps us in demonstrating our understanding of a particular topic. In this article, we will be discussing some useful tips that one must keep in mind while solving and analyzing mock tests. First thing first, we must be well prepared before appearing for any exam. This applies not only to the preparation of your curriculum but also to your mental and environmental preparation. Before appearing for any test we must focus only on our study and avoid thinking about abstract topics. Also, while giving any test we should sit in a calm and comfortable location avoiding distractions. 

Test anxiety is normal when it`s such a big exam like JEE Main, but getting too worried about how you will be performing can hamper your test performance and results. Hence, avoid panicking and be calm before appearing for any of the tests be it a mock test or JEE entrance exam. Also, before appearing for a mock test make sure you have analyzed your previous mock tests well. This will not only make your preparation stronger but will also let you know what mistakes that you have made earlier need to be avoided. 

Use any strategy that suits you well and be confident while appearing for JEE Main . Take it as an opportunity to learn and avoid having an unhealthy competition with your mates as it kills the spirit of learning. One of the best methods to build up confidence while giving tests is to solve the easier questions, or the questions on topics which you are good at, before any others during JEE Main. While solving objective questions, elimination is considered to be a good strategy to score high in less time. Another approach that students can try is to use tick, circle, cross strategy. Tick symbolizes the easiest questions in the paper which can be solved at the first sight. Cross for the ones that the student is uncomfortable with and can not solve in the required time.  Circle ones are the questions that a student feels he or she can solve but may take some time. 

Along with these, never forget reviewing your test and devote a specific time for it in the end. This will help you avoid the obvious mistakes or errors that one can do like mismarking a question or forgetting to mark any. 

After appearing for any test, make sure you give sufficient time for analyzing a test as analysis of mock is equally important to appear for a test. Both of these will help in making our preparation stronger and can be considered as the building block for success. While analyzing a test make sure you make proper notes of the mistakes you did no matter how silly they were. An analysis is not only for mistakes but also for some of the tricks that you developed or came across while solving the mocks. These tricks must also be noted down so you can work upon them and score higher in order to achieve excellence. Efforts should be made to realise the weak areas and the kind of mistake that was committed. This process of realisation is one of the key factors to boost the marks in upcoming tests. A regular assessment like this will reduce the number of errors in every upcoming test. Lastly, revision strategy should be formulated on the basis of this analysis of tests that helps students in knowing their weak topics.

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