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How one should study in college after cracking JEE

Once an aspirant cracks JEE and get into college, then aspirant face a different problem. Because after getting into a college where scenario is totally different, people find difficulty in choosing their career. Many of the aspirants get distracted from their goal. While preparing for JEE most of the people say that once you get into the college then life will be changed but in reality, nothing is like that. Even if you are a JEE aspirant, you must have heard this from your family, or from your teacher that once you crack the JEE with good score and take admission with decent disciple then you don’t need to be worried about your career. But it is nothing like that, once you get into college then you have to do more hard work.

Because before college when you are preparing for JEE then you have only one goal that anyhow you have to crack JEE. And this is your single motive and for which you have to sacrifice many things like your social life, daily habits, functions, festivals. But when you get into a college after cracking JEE then you have many goals at same time. Like you have to maintain good CGPA and for that you need to have better knowledge of your semester subjects. Along with regular studies you have to participate in college activities like singing, dancing, act, theatre, drama, games. Look it’s not necessary to join these extra – curricular activities. But it can be helpful. And one should participate in these activities for more exploration. For career related preparation, if you want to get placement then it is obvious that you need to prepare for that, like you may do coding and interview preparation, you may need knowledge of core subject and if you want to start your company then you need to work in startup field. If you want to do research then you have to prepare separately. So, the thing is that after college you have many options and you need to prepare for that.

After getting into college, one should not ignore study at all. If you do have fun then good but it should not affect your studies. Generally students after getting into college stop attending lectures and like to prepare one day before exam, same is with assignments and projects. But one needs to work on these habits and maintain regularity and consistency in studies. You should not have this mentally that “after cracking JEE life is set and don’t need to study”, nothing is like that in fact you have to work harder than before. 

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