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Is it necessary to stay in hostel during JEE preparation?

It’s not necessary to stay in a hostel during JEE preparation. It’s one’s own choice that he/ she wants to stay in hostel or at home during JEE preparation. Environment of home and hostel is totally different. Staying at these two different places provides one with different facilities. You might get some common facilities at both places while one may get some different facilities at other place. But it’s totally one’s choice whether he/ she wants to stay in hostel during JEE preparation, or at home, or if you want to do daily commuting for coaching. But if someone asks me this question then I would answer that I want to be at home during JEE preparation. There are many advantages of preparing through online coaching.

Better environment 

For JEE preparation one needs to have a better environment where one can focus on preparation. So if you will stay at home then you can get the appropriate environment. At home you can avoid any kind of stress because your family members will be there to release your stress. These facilities cannot be provided at the hostel. In this era mobile phones are the biggest distraction we have, so at home one can stop you from using your phone. Even for online coaching you can use a laptop instead of a phone, where you can have focused study. At home when you are studying no one will disturb you and also there will be many people to care about you and your study.


In hostels, as there are more candidates preparing, there is more competition. People always have a competitive spirit among themselves so they always try to be ahead of others. They want to perform better than others in tests. And because of this competition, there is a pressure on aspirants to perform better. Few aspirants can handle this pressure while few can’t. While being at home you don’t have to face that stress because you won’t compare yourself with others. You should always compare yourself from your last performance. Then only you can move forward.

Time saving

If one stays at home then he/ she can save travel time. Aspirants who commute daily to coaching, they waste a lot of time and energy. So it’s best to choose online coaching and save your time as well as energy. You can utilize that time and energy online for JEE preparation.

Can be accessed from anywhere 

Online coaching can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. If you are traveling, you can continue your studies. If you missed your class, then there are recorded lectures which can be watched anytime or you can reschedule your class. If you find doubt in understanding then you can rewind the lecture.

These are advantages of staying at home and preparing by online coaching. But your success depends on your hard work, attention and will power. JEE preparation is too difficult and for that one needs to have strong will power. You need to be hard working and smart working to crack JEE with good rank.

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