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New Course by IITs: 4-year BS programme with 6 specialisations at IIT Kharagpur

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are renowned for their world-class engineering education and research programs. IIT Kharagpur, one of the premier IITs in the country, has recently announced the launch of a new four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) program with six specializations. This program is aimed at providing students with a strong foundation in science and engineering, and preparing them for a range of exciting career opportunities.

The new BS program will offer specializations in Mathematics and Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Earth System Science, and Data Science. Students will have the opportunity to choose from these specializations based on their interests and career goals. The program is designed to be interdisciplinary in nature, and will provide students with a holistic understanding of science and engineering.

The curriculum for the program has been designed to provide a strong foundation in fundamental concepts and principles, while also offering students the opportunity to explore cutting-edge research in their chosen fields. The program will be delivered through a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory sessions, and hands-on projects, and will be taught by faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.

BS Programme- Seat Matrix

Following are the number of seats offered by IIT Kharagpur last year:

CourseSeat Capacity
Mathematics and Computing69
Applied Geology52
Exploration Geophysics45

The BS program is expected to attract students who are passionate about science and engineering, and who are looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience. The program will also provide students with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies and research in their chosen fields, and to build successful careers in academia, industry, or entrepreneurship.

BS Programme- Eligibility criteria

The institute conducts admissions to the BS course on the basis of  JEE Advanced scores and JOSSA counselling. Candidates must also have successfully completed class 12 or equivalent in the Science stream.

In conclusion, the launch of the new four-year BS program with six specializations at IIT Kharagpur is a significant development in the field of science and engineering education in India. The program is expected to attract some of the brightest and most talented students from across the country, and to provide them with a world-class education that will prepare them for successful careers in a range of exciting fields.

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