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What is One-On-One Live online coaching and how does it work at PracBee?

Online coaching classes have been a thing for the past decade. Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in a virtual environment in which teachers and students bond with each other from different locations through an online medium. Online tutoring is ideally a replication of the miscellaneous uses of the Internet, which is experienced by diverse sets of users. Many students have enrolled in online coaching due to it being a time-saver, better interaction with faculties and availability of resources at the tip of your finger. With the ongoing pandemic situation where offline classes are not feasible and classes in physical mode being restricted by government norms online coaching classes are a go-to for parents and their children. But recently with the increase in the number of online coaching classes, the online institutions have turned into mass coaching which leads to aspirants facing many issues with the classes. The students in mass online teaching cannot resolve their issues like problem or doubt solving and availability of teachers. Many parents and aspirants are looking for an alternative to mass online coaching due to the headache of unsolved problems faced by them.

What is ‘1-on-1’ online coaching?

One-on-one online coaching has been a revolutionary idea that is being implemented by the various online institutions during recent times or the pandemic. With no hassle of mass coaching and interaction with faculty is a one on one process. One to one or ‘1 on 1’ coaching means one teacher, one student – it’s as simple as that. One-to-one coaching only works with one student at a time, spending between 30 minutes and one to two hours with a child. In-person, one-on-one coaching has similar logistical restrictions as learning centres, you either have to get your child to the tutor or restrict yourself to tutors who will come to you. With online coaching, a child can connect with their instructor in real-time via a computer or tablet.

In layman terms, it is an online classroom environment that is aimed at teaching a single student at a time instead of many.

How does it work at PracBee?

Pracbee is an IIT-IIM Alumni EdTech company providing mentorship and education clarifications to the students preparing for IIT JEE and NEET examinations. It believes in offering tailored options to each student. Therefore, every course directed is carefully designed keeping the student’s strengths and weaknesses in perspective. The courses are target-oriented with clear goals from the beginning. Students are hand-held and given mentorship solutions whenever there is a need.

It is an online coaching platform founded in 2020 during the pandemic environment thinking of catering for the needs of the aspirants and preparing them for IIT JEE and NEET. The main mantra of the online institute is doing a ‘1-on-1’ session with the students.

The sessions are of the batch to no more than 5 students, enabling your child to benefit from the learning of others while also enjoying a personalized mentorship with their teacher. Online sessions are spent working through course material, problem-solving and learning through the strengths and challenges of others.

PracBee also provides personalized online mentoring sessions which helps the students to prepare for JEE and NEET accordingly. Mentors help you prepare a timetable and solve your grievances to keep your mind fresh and healthy. Availability of resources is in abundance on the website and application. Aspirants can practice thousands of problems and revise with the resources available with the PracBee App.

Till now PracBee has done 500,000 minutes of personalized 1-on-1 JEE & NEET teaching with personalized attention from the faculty and guided practice. Doubt solving sessions are also done in PracBee which is missing in most of the educational-tech and mass coaching. 

Teachers here have a combined teaching experience of 60+ years. The experienced teachers and their proper teaching and mentoring helped 2000+ students to achieve the dream of going to top IITs and various NITs. Around 10000+ have been taught by PracBee making it reliable in the online coaching field.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

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The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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