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How to Prepare for JEE Main 2022 in Two Months

JEE Main is one of the foremost competitive engineering entrance exams in India. Every year, lakhs of scholars appear for the exam to take admission in BTech and BArch programs offered by premier IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. The National Testing Agency (NTA) is going to be conducting JEE Main 2022 twice in June and July.

Now that JEE Main 2022 is around the corner and just two months away, the study plan and preparation strategy for this attempt of JEE Main must be tweaked according to the need of the hour. Your preparation in these final months before the exam will have a serious impact on your performance and JEE Main percentile, ranks, and scores. Furthermore, some time management skills clubbed with a positive attitude will make your chances of stepping into the highest tech institutes of the country better. Remember, it’s important to utilize every day efficiently to secure success in JEE Main 2022. To help you breeze through this phase smoothly, here are some mantras on the way to steel yourself against JEE Main in two months.

JEE Main Study Plan For Initial Month

Take mock tests and solve previous year’s question papers: Solving previous year’s question papers of JEE Main and taking mock tests is extremely important to get an honest rank within the exam. Besides the varied free mock tests available on the web, candidates also can download the official JEE Main 2021 mock tests released by NTA. Subsequently, they can also register themselves at the closest Test Practice Centre (TPC) established by the agency to urge the texture of the particular exam and improve their time management skills.

Clear your doubts: regardless of how big or small your doubt is, they should be cleared. Reach bent on your teachers, friends, and even mentors to make sure none of your doubts associated with the exam remain unsolved. Besides this, there are also lots of blogs that you can find in our blog section which will help you prepare.

Make a revision checklist: make sure you make a checklist of JEE Main syllabus with the list of topics/units against each subject – Physics, Chemistry, and arithmetic. Tick off the important topics once you are through with revising the actual topic.

Flashcards: Have a large stack of flashcards handy. It should contain all the important JEE Main formulae, concepts, and diagrams. These could even be utilized in the last minutes before JEE Main.

Strengthen your weak areas: whenever you’re taking a mock test, evaluate your paper and jot your mistakes and weak areas. Work on the themes, topics, and units during which you’re weak. Resolve and strengthen them well before the particular exam takes place.

JEE Main Study Plan for Final Month

Now that you simply have covered the whole JEE Main syllabus, let’s advance to the second-month plan. The second-month preparation is all about revision and practice.

Make a subject-wise Revision Routine

Now make a revision plan for each subject. Make sure you revise each subject every day. Now you want to have a thought of weak and powerful sections. So, make a study decision to get a robust grip on the tough topics. Keep solving the questions associated with each topic.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers(PYQs)

Solving previous years’ question papers will help in understanding the exam pattern better. Sometimes, the previous year’s questions are repeated. Solve the question papers as repeatedly as you’ll. We advise solving each question paper until you get all the answers correct. 

Appear for Mock Tests

Taking mock tests helps in getting conversant in the exam pattern. During the mock test, students are required to finish the test within the time duration of the JEE Main exam. This way, they will work on their time management skills. Also, mock tests help candidates choose the priority of sections. So, choose which section you would like to answer first. You’ll get them for FREE here.

We hope that this two months preparation plan for the JEE Main 2021 exam will assist you in getting a good score in the exam. However, you’re required to follow the plan strictly. Stay motivated throughout the preparation and exert for 2 months. If you’re left with a brief timeframe then check our guide for JEE Main preparation in one month here.

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