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How to make effective study plan for JEE/NEET

As said, “if we fail to plan, we plan to fail,” the same holds true for JEE/NEET. With every year passing by, the level of competition in JEE/NEET is skyrocketing; students need to be more organised and well-grounded to score a good rank to get their desired college. 

So, one of the best tools that students can use effectively to crack JEE/NEET is a study plan. It will help students, as they already know what goals they have to achieve, what’s the deadline, and what’s their progress.

What is a study plan?

A study plan is a study schedule with proper goals, deadlines, parameters of success and failure, etc. It basically tells the student what learning task they need to do at present within a stipulated time and the parameters for evaluating the success. Thus, it makes the preparation journey clear for students and instills self-confidence in them. 

Making an effective study plan
  • Have a schedule

The first thing students need to do is to plan their daily schedules. Students’ lives are no less hectic; they have to go to school, do their homework, attend their classes for JEE/NEET, solve mock tests, eat, sleep, and in all this, they also have to spare time for leisure to ease off the exam pressure.

Therefore students need to effectively plan their day to get the maximum out of every minute of the day. Students can refer to the blog- Daily Routine for JEE Main 2022 preparation for a model daily routine. 

  • Fix goals

Students have to learn a lot of lessons and solve thousands of questions during their preparation journey. The best way to win over the vast syllabus for JEE/NEET is to break the thing into small and well-planned goals. Students can discuss with their teachers and prepare their goal plans with well-planned revision goals, etc.

  • Monitor your progress

No plan is complete without well-planned parameters for monitoring your success. In their study plan, students should have a schedule for giving mock tests to monitor their progress. Students can also refer to the blog- How to analyse your JEE mock tests, to effectively analyse mock tests to improve their performance. 

  • Revision strategy

No preparation is fruitful if students don’t revise their subjects properly. It takes about 2 years of preparation for JEE/NEET; during those 2 years, students learn a lot of subjects, if they don’t revise properly, they will lose whatever they have learned over the years. Students can refer to the blog- Revision techniques for JEE/NEET– to learn about revision strategies. 

These were a few points students can use to chalk out an effective study plan for JEE/NEET.

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