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JEE Advanced Students Skip Paper 2 Due to Mental Fatigue After Poor Performance in Paper 1

A majority of JEE Advanced students do not attempt Paper 2 after a poor performance in Paper 1 due to mental fatigue.

This year’s JEE Advance exam is scheduled on 4th June. This exam is a gateway to prestigious engineering institutions in India, and has witnessed a perplexing trend over the years. A staggering number of students, approximately 93,926 in the last decade, have chosen to forgo the exam after completing the initial Paper 1. Surprisingly, if their performance in the first paper is unsatisfactory, a significant majority of 85% decide not to attempt the subsequent Paper 2.

The surprising statistics reveal that, on average, 47,605 students in the past five years have opted to participate only in JEE Advanced Paper-1 and skip Paper-2. Despite an annual registration of around 9,000 students, many decide not to attempt the Advanced exam. The decision to skip Paper-2 is influenced by students’ dwindling confidence after a disappointing performance in Paper-1. Research by Aashish Aroda, a mentor to top-ranking students, highlights that 65% of those who excel in Paper-1 struggle to replicate their success in Paper-2 due to mental exhaustion and discouragement. The mindset and energy of students ultimately determine whether they perceive Paper-2 as easy or difficult.

Both Paper-1 and Paper-2 are essential in determining the rank of candidates in the JEE Advanced exam. Despite a poor performance in Paper-1, some students excel in Paper-2, which significantly impacts their overall score. Take, for example, Rishi Gupta, who scored 99 in Paper-1 and improved to 139 in Paper-2, securing admission to IIT Delhi’s Electrical branch. Similarly, Neerav’s cumulative score of 180 (after scoring 64 in Paper-1 and 116 in Paper-2) earned him a spot at IIT Kanpur. Another case is Samr Agarwal, who jumped from 89 in Paper-1 to 135 in Paper-2, with a notable improvement in Chemistry. These instances demonstrate the importance of both papers in determining success in JEE Advanced.

To combat mental fatigue during JEE Advanced preparation, students can utilise effective strategies such as power naps, sufficient sleep, balanced diet, and hydration. By following a routine for 14 days, including waking up at 5 AM, practising real-time practice for JEE Advance until 9 AM, taking a 20-minute power nap after Paper 1, and continuing with practice for Paper 2, students can optimise their energy levels. It is vital to maintain this routine even on the exam day after two weeks of consistent practice.

The puzzling phenomenon of students choosing to skip the JEE Advanced exam after a poor performance in Paper 1 raises questions. The high number of individuals opting out of Paper 2 suggests a notable effect on confidence and mental exhaustion. However, by adopting strategies like power naps and following a disciplined routine, candidates have the potential to overcome these challenges. As the JEE Advanced exam evolves, it becomes crucial to address this issue and offer students the necessary support to excel in both papers, enhancing their opportunities for admission to prestigious institutions.

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