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How to concentrate better while preparing for NEET

Many of us face concentration issue and complain about not being able to concentrate while studying. These are a few steps that can help you concentrate on your studies.

First of all, minimize your distractions. For example, keep your phone away while studying. Do not try to multitask. Studying while watching television or while listening to music will affect your consistency and will make it difficult for you to concentrate. Minimize social media usage.  It may seem like it does not distract you but instead helps you to refresh. This is not true. It distracts the most. You open your account for a few minutes but think of it the whole day. 

Also, identify a suitable environment and place to study. Choose your study place wisely. Keep in mind that whenever you are studying, you tell your family or roommates that you are going to study and you are not to be disturbed. 

Make a to-do list for your daily schedule. Divide your studies into smaller parts so that it looks easy and doable. If we see a lot of work piled up then we get demotivated easily. But if we divide our work into smaller portions then it becomes much easier to cover the syllabus. It will provide a sense of accomplishment.

Make a proper schedule for your daily studies. Decide a place for studying different subjects. This way it will make your body habitual to study for that many hours. This will avoid a lot of stress.

Eat healthy food. Take small meals so that you don’t feel sleepy because of eating too much. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Choose snacks that will give you energy rather than the ones that will make you lethargic. Again, this is where planning your study time can make a big difference. 

Take small breaks in between each study session. This will keep your mind fresh and you will learn easily and hence can concentrate better. Our brain is not made for studying continuously. Study for 45 min and then take a small break. Your break should not extend for more than 10-15 minutes.

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