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VIT Admission, On and Post Campus life

How is VITEEE rank given?
VITEEE exam is a relatively graded exam. Ranks in VITEEE are given based on your relative performance w.r.t the scores of all the students who have taken the VITEEE Exam in the same slot as yours. Hence if a person scores 100 and the batch average is around 100 as well in VITEEE, while in another batch a person scores 100 where the average comes down to 85, then in this scenario the latter will have a much better rank in VITEEE.

What Next after VITEEE and Counselling?

Once you are allotted your seat in VIT, you will get a joining date which will be communicated shortly by VIT. Once you join you will have a dedicated orientation week where first a high level overview about VIT will be given and the different facilities and policies to be followed will be explained as part of the general orientation, After this a dedicated school/branch level orientation will happen where you will get to know more about your curriculum, how to choose subjects etc.

How Is the Campus Life?

The Campus life at VIT is quite diverse which makes it a great once in a lifetime experience to have. Here you will meet people from all parts of India and definitely you will connect with one person from every major city, community in India. Also you will meet people with a diverse set of hobbies and there are high chances that you will definitely bump into someone with the rarest ones too. Also just to break the myths you need not speak English all the time or start learning the local language (Tamil), as due to this highly diverse environment most of the people know Hindi or English for sure. To add on there are a lot of clubs and chapters in VIT which you can join and enjoy.

What Clubs and Chapters are available in VIT?

VIT has a plethora of options when it comes to clubs and chapters. As of date VIT has around 90+ active clubs in various fields ranging from technical and non-technical skills like Cooking Club, Photography Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Robotics Club, FOSS Club, Android Club, Philosophy Club and so on…. Also as part of your 4 year curriculum it is mandatory to officially be a part of one for atleast 1 yr to earn the credits, hence VIT makes sure that you grow holistically.

Also to add on VIT has a presence of every major chapter like the different wings of IEEE, ACM, Enactus, Mozilla Communities, Google Developer Groups (GDGs) have their presence in VIT.

How is the mess food in VIT?

For Hostellers there are 3 options to choose from: VEG, NON-VEG and SPECIAL. The difference between Special V/S Others being that in Special apart from the regular meals you get some extras, for example in breakfast you will be served with Juices and Cereals apart from the regular meal, for dinner etc you will be served milkshake and Soups. You can opt for any based on your preference.
You can refer some menu samples here: https://vitfresher.blogspot.com/2020/07/vit-mess-menu-samples.html

What are the other Food Options Available?

Apart from the mess, VIT Campuses do have several coffee stations setup like Nescafe in Vellore and Georgia coffee in Chennai throughout the campus where you can grab a quick coffee and some snack. Also there are canteens where you can drop in to have any cuisine of your choice. Also VIT has certain outlets like that of Dominos inside the campus which you can explore. The list does not end here, you can also explore options outside campus and try ordering from them as there are some really great restaurant which have come up near the campuses and do serve amazing food.

For some detailed insights and common FAQs, you can checkout this blog page which we have tried curating in the past few years: https://vitfresher.blogspot.com/

How are the gradings done?

We follow an absolute grading system for some courses where your grades are based on already defined grading boundaries like you score an S grade if you score between 90-100 overall and in most of the courses it’s a relative grading system where the class average is calculated and then grades are given citing the class average as a reference.

Give some details about placements.

Placement starts from July. There are 3 categories of placements which is super dream(package above 10lpa), dream(package above 5lpa but less than 10lpa and regular(package below 5lpa). In slot 1 the best companies come in and provide packages above 25-30lpa and then all companies start to come in from August- September from all categories. If you have any wish to go for higher studies, you can only sit for regular placements, as if you get a dream or super dream offer, you can’t forego it, if you do, you don’t get an NOC from the college. The placements mostly have 3-4 rounds starting generally with aptitude test & technical mcq then comes the coding round(only for tech companies) then 1-3 rounds of interviews depending on the company, role and other stuffs.

How is life after graduating from VIT?

Once you graduate from VIT you will become a part of the VIT Alumni Association (VITAA). VITAA has its presence across every major city around the world including all the individual states in the US. As part of VITAA you get to interact with all VITians in your local area, participate in learning and CSR related activities, get to interact with industry personnel. Also as part of VITAA you will often be called by your faculties to address the current students or take guest lectures for them from time to time which is really fascinating. VITAA also has a online forum where people publish job opportunities discuss startup ideas and stuff which really helps everyone and VIT admin also keeps helping from time to time by funding such initiatives and try to keep the community alive which really helps a lot in the long run, hence as rightly said once you are a VITian then you are a VITian for a lifetime.

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