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Exam day tips for JEE Main 2021

The fourth and the final session of JEE Main 2021 is around the corner and students are willing to give their best. The anxiety among the students might also increase as this will be the last chance for them to improve their results in JEE Main 2021. But students need to remember that they need to be calm and focused to perform the best of their knowledge and not lose their marks by some misfortunate events that may occur due to their anxious or negligent behavior. In this article, we will be providing you with some of the tips and tricks which will be beneficial for you on your exam day to maintain calmness. It will help you to put out the best of your preparation. 

As we all know, the National Testing Agency is going to commence the final session of JEE Main 2021 from August 26. Exams will be held in different phases on 26th, 27th, 30th, and 31st August and 1st and 2nd September. Hence, it is the time for fact checking as you will be performing what you have been preparing for since a long time. One thing that students need to note is that the last-minute preparation for the exam will be different from the normal one. 

Last minute tips

  • Enhance your concentration: A good concentration is a must for exams like JEE Main which have a wide syllabus and various topics. To understand and remember the concepts well.
  • Know your strengths: This is not the time to start anything new as it will only create confusion. Avoid learning new topics at last and instead focus on what you are good at to strengthen them.
  • Make short notes for important formulae: It is really important to make short notes of all the important formulae that you came across during your preparation. This will help you recall the topic well and with less time and energy spent. 
  • Avoid self-doubt: Don’t underestimate yourself or your preparation and in the same time know your real self. You need to keep faith in your self and avoid getting validation of your preparation from others. Focus on your strengths and utilities your preparation well. 

Exam Hall tips

  • Once you get your question paper, calm yourself and go through each part so that you don’t miss something later.
  • Always keep time while solving a question. You must know how much time should be given to a particular question and if you still can’t get the answer, leave it. As it will waste your time to solve other questions.
  • Mark the questions you feel should be reviewed but avoid doing this for every next question. 
  • Avoid panicking if you feel that questions are not familiar. This might be true for some but not for all. You need to calm down so take a deep breath and start over with the questions.
  • Only you know your strengths well. So, strategies your exam time according to that and try making the most of your strengths. Avoid the topics you are unsure about in the beginning and later come to them once you are done with the questions you are confident about. 

Always remember that you can achieve anything and everything with firm dedication and confidence in yourself. Make the most of your capabilities and perform your best.

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