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CBSE has released the Grading policy procedure of Class 10 Board exams

Central Board of Secondary Education has released a grading policy for tabulation of marks for class X board exams 2021 following the cancellation of board exams for students of this class. The step-by-step process has been mentioned in the official notification released by CBSE. In this article, we will be discussing the major points related to it. About 21.5 lakh Class 10 students will be assessed under this system, which is largely based on the assessments conducted by school throughout the year.

Assessment method proposed by the board

Students will be assessed out of a total of 100 marks. The following is a simple breakdown of the marks provided by the board:

  1. 20 marks for Internal Assessment, which most schools have already completed and the results have been submitted,
  2. 10 marks for Periodic/Unit Tests,
  3. 30 marks for Half Yearly/Mid-Term Examinations, and
  4. 40 marks for Pre-Board Examinations.

The board, on the other hand, had to account for a variety of possibilities at various schools. There are several schools where one or more of the three types of evaluations mentioned above have not yet been completed. There may also be distinctions in terms of examination mode, i.e., online/ offline.

As per the circular, the Principal and seven teachers from each school will form a Result Committee to finalise the results. Five teachers from the school have to be from Math, Science, Social Science, and two languages, and the other two teachers from neighbouring schools co-opted as external committee members by the school. These committees have been tasked with developing an 80-point criterion through a “rationale document” in circumstances when all exams have not been completed or where students have failed to appear for the assessment.

Standard mechanism to ensure uniform assessment by schools

The board has recommended that all schools use an internal moderation system based on a school’s past performance, with the best result in the previous three years’ board examinations serving as the “reference year.” According board’s policy, the “subject wise marks assessed by the school for 2021 should be within a range of 2 marks obtained by the school in the reference year.” Also, “the overall average scores for the school examined in 2021, for all 5 key courses, should not exceed the overall average marks earned by the school in the reference year”. Based on the school’s own prior performance, this methodology is anticipated to give a “reasonably reliable, unbiased, and fair reference standard.”

For the students who are not able to qualify through this procedure, the board has stated that it will award grace marks. If a student is not able to meet the qualifying criterion even after the grace marks policy, they will be put in “Essential Repeat” or “Compartment” category. The compartment exam will be administered by the school as an objective type online or offline exam based on CBSE sample papers, rather than a centralised exam as is customary. It’s possible that the student will be permitted to stay in class XI until the compartment results are announced.

By May 25, schools must have finalised their results, and the marks must be sent to the CBSE by June 5. The date of result declaration is decided to be June 20, 2021.

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