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CBSE Class 10 Board exam assessment procedure released

CBSE has released some important points on how the assessment for the CBSE Board 10 exams will be done. It was announced earlier by the board that due to the COVID-19 pandemic CBSE Board 10 exams will be canceled. Now the notification will give clarity on how exactly will the students be promoted to the next class.

The notice is available on the official site of CBSE on cbse.gov.in. The schools will form a result committee that will conduct the assessment of students. It will consist of the Principal and seven teachers. As a rule, 5 teachers from the school and 2 teachers from neighboring schools should be co-opted by the school as the external members of the Committee.

The students will be assessed out of a maximum of 100 marks for each subject out of which 20 marks are for Internal Assessment and 80 marks are for year-end Board examinations.

The internal assessment for 20 marks will be as per the existing policy laid out in circular number Acad- 11/2019 dated March 6, 2019, available at the official website. Based on the circular, Internal assessments have already been done by the schools and a majority of schools have uploaded their data on the CBSE portal. The schools will have to upload the marks of the internal assessment latest by June 11, 2021.

Due to the cancellation of Board examinations, the assessment of 80 marks will be done by the school based on the marks scored by the candidate in the different tests/ exams conducted by the school during the year and the marks should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class 10 board exams.

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