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Is self -study enough for JEE preparation in drop year

If one takes drop for JEE preparation then the first question which arises in mind is that one should do self -study or should go to coaching. There are two types of droppers. First type of droppers, are those who have taken board first and then took one year drop for preparation of JEE. And the 2nd type of droppers, are those who have appeared for JEE at least once, but could not perform well and that’s why they have taken a drop so that they can perform better this time. 

So, if one has taken a drop for JEE preparation after class 12th and he/ she is doing self -study. Then it can be said that self -study is not enough. Look, there are many JEE aspirants who have cracked JEE just by self -study. So, you can also crack JEE with self -study in dropped year and self -study can even be enough. But why to do self- study if you have options for coaching? Look if one joins a coaching for JEE preparation in drop year then it’s obvious that he/ she will need some kind of guidance as he/ she will start covering the syllabus from basics. Since now things are going digital, online coaching is the best option nowadays. Even all the conditions are favorable to online coaching. So, self -study can be enough for preparation of JEE in drop year. But it will be totally one’s decision if self -study is enough for him/ her or coaching. And, accordingly he/ she can start preparing.

2nd kind of droppers are there who have appeared for JEE once. So, for them self -study can be considered as a time saver and can be considered enough. If they will do self- study then they will get more time for practice and revision. There are many aspirants who join coaching for dropper’s batch in drop year, so that they can learn strategies to crack JEE along with preparation. But most of the people prefer self- study because they have already covered the syllabus once. So, now they only need to do revision and more practice.

Being a JEE dropper they know their strong and weak areas. So, they can work on weaker areas to make them strong. They can practice more problems as they will have more time as compared to others. So, if one does self- study then he/ she needs to follow a proper strategy and study schedule. So, the thing is that self- study is enough for JEE preparation in drop year. In drop year there is more pressure, so one should learn how to handle that.

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