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A walk through JEE Physics

Physics is one of that subject which is tough for almost every student and out of ten there are only one or two students who are master in JEE physics because in the starting phase of JEE, every student finds it difficult as no one knows how to start & from where to start ? 

Physics sometimes makes us topper and sometimes it makes us loose our confidence to much extent that we want to quit our preparation. As teachers and students usually call such people as genius who are good in solving physics hard problems.

Let us now discuss how should we really prepare for JEE Physics.

I would suggest you to have patience and start giving your best on the daily basis and be consistent with it. If you fixed two hours for physics then that 2 hours of physics must not be missed at any cost because whenever we lag in our studies we usually become weak in that particular subjects.

Now coming to the next thing, what should be the strategy to follow to score high in physics?

For scoring good marks, your basic concepts must be clear so that you would have clarity on how you have to solve the questions in different patterns. And to clear basic concept, start solving basic level problems from the material that you are using for your JEE preparation and try to solve these questions with in some time limit so that your mind would have clarity of time constraint as well.

After solving basic questions or level 1 questions from your material, move to level 2 questions and finally go towards last year questions of that chapter and check your progress thoroughly like were you able to solve these questions properly? And after solving these questions just see in which concepts you are weak or which concepts you need to learn more.

After that just revise these concepts and master in that chapter, whenever a new chapter starts just make sure that you are revising your previous chapters as well you may give some tests to know the progress of previous ones, this strategy will definitely make you master in the particular subject.

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