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Why Good Mental health is important during JEE preparation

JEE, the word itself gives nightmare to aspirants during preparation. Some get anxious thinking about what they will do if they do not get a good rank and some feel tense about not securing a seat in the prestigious IITs. An aspirant also feels dejected if he sees his fellow mates scoring better marks than him/her in mock tests. Most importantly students fear the burden of not meeting their parents and societal expectations, leaving them in a state of emotional strain. These factors mainly constitute students being irritated, tensed and stressed all the time.

To overcome the stress while preparing one should forget about the pressure and expectations people have on them. They should study the subjects as their hobbies, not as a burden. Work done without passion and heart leads to bad results or in another sense you might miss your chance of getting into IITs.

Avoid getting into mass coaching or coaching centres with only a reputed name. Students and parents might think if the aspirant does not get enrolled in a reputed coaching institute he/she might lose the chance to be in IITs as they will not get the best faculty. Reputed coaching institutes are only good at advertising. They just enrol anybody with money without taking any care of the aspirants. Institutes create a rat race dividing students based on marks where toppers are treated as gods and others as a money-making machine. Inequality leads to students feeling helpless and underconfident.

Not to worry aspirants, here are some tips that can reduce stress during your preparations: –

  • Take it light and have a positive outlook on your preparation process. Taking stress won’t let you clear JEE instead affect your mental health resulting in a bad rank in JEE. Always remember you are the greatest inspiration.
  • Have a routine during preparation and try to follow it honestly. It helps you keep a good mental strength as topics will be revised all the time.
  • Eating healthy and having a decent rest is important to keep a level head. 7 to 8 hours rest and consuming veggies, proteins and dry fruits must be a priority. It keeps your mind fresh and free of any worry.
  • People tell aspirants studying at a table leads to good performance. But studies suggest that studying in different places enhances your efficiency.
  •  Emphasize quality preparation. Studying 15 hours would help you secure a top rank is a myth. 5 hours of quality study with spot on concentration is equivalent to 15 hours of studying without understanding.
  • Analyze your strong and weak points of all the subjects. Try to find your weakness and try to rectify it.
  • Taking short breaks during the study is important to light up your brain. Go for a walk, talk to your friends or play for a short time.
  • Exercise in any event for at least one hour every day so that your body and psyche gets balanced out. If going for a walk is preferred, go for a 45 min brisk walk.
  • Always have confidence in your ability and trust the process of your preparation. Avoid the stress of not securing good stress in mocks because students scoring good in mocks always don’t clear JEE.
  • Lastly, avoid mass coaching as much as possible. There is no care for students and the treatment of above average and average students are comparable to cattle.

For me preparing from an institute having no mass students is helpful. The mentorship and care provided are incomparable. Pracbee is one of the institutes which caters to your needs and prepares you to be future IITian. The amount of care taken by them is comparable to none. One on one interaction of this institute is one of a kind.

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”- Bruce Lee

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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