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Why is the foundation course important for JEE/NEET?

Foundation in every aspect of life is important. Without it, life becomes disarray and keeps you lagging behind your friends. When it comes to education or let’s says preparing for JEE/NEET it is most important to enrol yourself into a foundation course as the aspirants will develop skills and techniques which will keep them ahead of their peers in their preparation. Through this article, we will know what and why the foundation course will let you succeed in getting a place in IITs or AIIMS.

What is the JEE/NEET Foundation Course?

The Foundation course starts prepping aspirants from as early as class 8. It helps in mastering the trickeries and concepts of JEE/NEET syllabus at a very early age. The faculty works on the basics of the subjects giving an early lead to what is to come in future while preparing for JEE/NEET.

Today in market, many will come across foundation books for JEE/NEET and other study materials from various coaching institutes. 

Pracbee.com is one of the online institutes that will give you the state of art foundation course material which will cover up your math and science syllabus and guide you to new heights in getting into your desired IITs/AIIMS. It has one of the best courses available in the market.

These courses are available in the market online as well as offline. With the development of technology and less time for students to prepare most aspirants nowadays prefer online foundation courses which give them more time to study and prepare efficiently as teachers are properly engaged with them. Offline courses just take up a huge chunk of students’ time as they have to attend classes at fixed schedules and travel to attend. It creates unnecessary pressure on the aspirants as they have to complete their tedious school schedule after which they travel to attend classes.

These courses can be attended during school vacations to clear up the basics and have the long term goal of cracking JEE/NEET.

Why enrol JEE/NEET Foundation Course?

  1. Students while preparing or studying the previous year question papers will conclude that most questions are based on the concepts taught from classes 8th to 12th. The Foundation course will give you clarity from an early age. For example, if you are not clear about the concept of chemical reactions, you won’t be able to solve the questions related to it like organic chemistry. The foundation materials will help you gain conceptual clarity on the topics of all subjects through online videos and concept notes.
  1. As the students are aware of the fact that many of the topics in JEE/NEET are already present in their school exams, the school syllabus becomes a cakewalk for them with them studying it in the foundation course. It bars the students from studying random stuff present in the market as the topics are presented in a structured manner. You will score more than the other students as you will be always ahead of them in terms of preparation and revision.

In foundation courses, the faculty members introduce the additional topics of JEE/NEET systematically along with your school syllabus. In this manner, the students prepare themselves for school exams as well as JEE/NEET in a controlled and reasonable manner.

  1. There are many competitive examinations at the school level in which you can participate and succeed with the help of a foundation course. Competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, NSO, STSE etc. test your conceptual knowledge and analytic abilities. The foundation course is designed in such a way it keeps you one step ahead of other students in the basics of maths and science topics. The in-depth study lets you score high marks in school level competitive exams.
  2. Your analytical skills and efficiency improve periodically as the foundation course consists of a sufficient number of questions and answer keys for JEE/NEET preparation. Questions asked in school are theoretical type rather than being analytical type. Due to this nature of questions, you score high by mugging the answers. But when it comes to securing a seat in IITs/AIIMS you are judged by your thinking ability. You need a better understanding of concepts to understand the correct application of concepts for scoring high marks. Foundation course helps you in enhancing your thinking ability by use of questions banks, solving previous year’s questions and solving all application-based problems.
  3. The sooner you start your JEE/NEET preparation it gives you an edge over your friends. The faster you learn the syllabus and patterns of papers of JEE/NEET, you will gain a competitive edge.

Also, you will be well versed with the concepts and patterns of questions asked before classes 11 and 12. This will not only give you an added advantage but also help you write answers on advanced concepts in class 11 and 12 exams.

  1. Class 9th and 10th is the phase where a student has immense pressure to score high marks in board exams. Foundation course makes it easier as your maths and science portion is completely covered with some advanced concepts helping you write high scoring answers on boards. The source materials provided in the foundation course also include NCERT solutions for classes 9th and 10th. As we know NCERT books are among the best reference book for JEE/NEET preparation. Your additional work of acquiring resources for board exams is also covered by the foundation course and the teachers help you to score high marks in your boards.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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