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What things can one add to boost up the JEE preparation

Whenever an aspirant is preparing for JEE, they always want to give their best, they always want to add something in their preparation strategy which can boost their score. This does not happen only with JEE aspirants but also with others who want best in their life and they are preparing for something or have some goals. Now if we talk about JEE preparation then there are many things that one can include in his/ her preparation which can help to boost up the score, but these things vary from person to person and their level of preparation. 

If one is going to start the preparation from beginning then suggestions will be different, if one is in mid of preparation then things may vary and if one has already covered the syllabus then also the scenario will be totally different. So, let’s first start with those kind of aspirants who have already covered the syllabus, let’s discuss what things they need to include to boost up their preparation. If one has completed the syllabus as well as revision then they can boost up the preparation by solving JEE advanced and JEE main mock tests. The best app where you can get online mock tests for FREE is PracBee. Practicing online mock tests is very helpful as it may help to boost up your confidence, it can help you to get real life experience before the actual exam. Whenever you are solving a mock test take it as serious as if it’s actual exam, then only you will be able to put best efforts, then only you will be able to manage time and speed. Taking mock tests is also important because it is designed on latest exam pattern.

But if an aspirant is going to start the preparation from scratch, then there are a few things that needs to be kept in mind, like  focusing on basics, solving a greater number of problems, revise again and again, following a study schedule, giving equal importance to each subject & giving priority to NCERT textbooks. These are a few things which can help to boost up the preparation. If an aspirant is in mid preparation, then following a study schedule, doing revision and practicing problems can be helpful. As a JEE aspirant, one thing that you always need to keep in mind is doing hard and smart work. This will always boost up your preparation.

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