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A seat in three of the Indian Campuses of BITS is a dream for every engineering aspirant. Ever wondered, despite it being a private college, what makes it so special that it is often compared with the best of the best Government colleges in India. Hi, I’m Devanshu Sanghai a first year BE Mechanical Engineering Student at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus and today I will be sharing my on year experience in the college. There are a lot of things that I like about my college and good number of things I do not, as well. Also, this blog is not about comparing Average Packages of all Colleges as most Youtubers do which is often misleading and not the ideal parameter to decide what college do you want to study in. Let’s Begin.

Pros of BITS Pilani:

  1. 100% merit based admission that ensures you get the perfect competitive environment and grow a lot intellectually with your Peers.
  2.  0% attendance rule is the single most overpowered perk in our college. It gives the students a lot of academic flexibilities and new opportunities. No wonder, why BITS is consistently making its spot in the Top 5 Indian Colleges that produce the most number of successful Start-Ups and full time freelancers.
  3. Option for a Minor Degree as well. Apart from your Major, you can opt for a minor degree in a discipline of your choice that adds a lot more versatility in your Resume.
  4. Access to the best alumni network in the country. Not going to justify anything, here is a tweet from the SnapDeal CEO Kunal Bahl himself  :

Continue to be seriously impressed by the combination of intelligence + technical brilliance + hustle & hunger of BITSian entrepreneurs. There is an edge to them that is incredibly unique & yet, amazingly pervasive. Been a joy partnering w/ a number of them – they are so special  

  • Couldn’t experience this personally 🙁 (thanks to online classes), but people say our hotels facilities are way better than any other top institutes in the nation.

Cons of BITS Pilani :

  1. The fee here is really high and I do not recommend taking loans for such a high amount at this age;
  2. Because of the 0% attendance rule, a lot of professors try to balance out things by conducting way too many tests than they ideally should;
  3. Grading is our college is brutal (not even harsh);
  4. Your super competitive peers often tend to give you imposter syndrome;
  5. There is summer term internship at BITS Pilani which a lot of students find really helpful. However I personally do not like the idea of “Pay Rs. 70k to the college” and “work 2 months free for a company” just in the name of “Experience”. Again, it is an optional thing so not that big of a deal….

My Final Verdict:  Join BITS Pilani if you are a highly ambitious and hard-working person. The great placement stats, hustle culture and social status associated with the college will definitely provide a spring board to start your professional life. Also, you will struggle a bit to make some school like buddies as people here over value their time and it’s hard to convince someone to randomly go for an ice-cram break…………………(but in way it is a good thing!)

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