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What are the options if one clears JEE main by cut-off?

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We all know that there are a plethora of opportunities for people who can crack JEE Main or JEE Advanced with a good rank, but what if one fails to do so? Here in this article, we will be discussing the various opportunities and career options available to such students who are not able to meet the cut-off criteria! Do not panic in such a situation because there is always a door “B”. You just need to follow the right direction and the right mentor. 

So, the first option that you will have after qualifying for the JEE main exam is to appear for the JEE Advanced. Only the people who clear JEE Main are eligible to sit for the JEE Advanced exam. What if you could not perform well in the JEE main exam? Usually, the majority of students take a year break and reappear for the exam. Not to mention that it is quite risky because there is no guarantee that you will clear the exam in your next attempt. Just because of this risk factor many applicants do not sit for the exam again. What they do is that they prepare for state engineering entrance exams. Some even take admission to private colleges that offer good exposure and facilities. One can even give a try to NIT after qualifying for the JEE main exam by clearing its cut-off.

You won’t get a very high-class college that students usually get after clearing advanced. So sadly, you will have to compromise on the quality. It is recommended to go for a private college with good facilities so that you do not compromise on the exposure and the knowledge part. You will have to look for several factors before choosing a private college. Infrastructure, placement rate, faculty, and college environment are some of the factors on the basis on which you can choose a college. 

Till now, we have discussed career options available in engineering field, mainly referred to as the PCM field but let us tell you that apart from the PCM field, many career options are waiting for you. You can choose one of those careers. PCM is not the only single field to choose a career option. There are a variety of options that are quite good and can be considered for the long run. You only need determination and consistency because without these two you will not be able to do the smallest of things. 

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