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JEE study plan for beginners

You start your JEE preparation with the spark in your eyes and excitement in your heart. But usually students are very confused in the beginning with what to do and from where to start. So let us guide you through the way. 

First thing which you should do at the beginning is focus only on one material whatever you are comfortable with because in initial phase sometimes students usually take lot of bulky books and start solving them. But at the end, they end up with so many backlog chapters which reduce the confidence level to much extent; many students give up at this phase only.

Second thing which becomes important in JEE preparation is that you should focus more on your question solving strategy rather than focusing on the time limit of a question because in this initial phase you cannot make yourself pro or skilled that you can solve questions with in a minute. So, I suggest you to solve more number of questions but make sure focusing more on the understanding of concept rather than time limit at this stage of preparation. 

Another thing which is important,  don’t get too excited at this time because initially students have a lot of motivation towards their goal and more than 95% of the students only thinks about IITB (CSE) which is not a good practice rather you should use your energy wisely, like start with the very basic questions then solve some hard level questions and then finally move to the last year’s questions rather than solving Irodov type of books directly after learning the basic theory and this will help you a lot in your whole journey.

Lastly, I want to add give yourself some time as well. Do something you love in between the study breaks. It helps you stay focused and lifts your mood up. So it is really important to do some extracurricular along with your studies. But don’t over indulge in these extracurricular because it can quickly become the reason to not focus on study. It is important to keep the balance. I suggest you to simply study as hard as you can and be consistent with your work and you will definitely get success in your field which will finally satisfy you.

Stay away from negative thought and people. Rather hang out with people who are going to lift you. Cracking JEE can be tough but if you set your mindset positively then it can be easy to crack. Always remember, You are what you believe. 

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