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One of the prerequisites for NEET journey is to have a right mentor for yourself and solve the relevant materials in the form of books or question papers. Following are some of the books you could study for being successful in your journey:

1.NCERT : NCERT’s are the bible for NEET. In order to get selected in NEET one must study the books thoroughly. Especially in biology one must read it at least 10 times prior to the exam to retain all the facts and concepts by heart. Solving physics and chemistry NCERT questions will boost your problem solving skills and since the exam is based upon the knowledge from NCERT it will help you to perform better in future. 

2.DC PANDEY : DC pandey for physics is quite famous and worth solving. It contains every pattern of questions in the subject and conceptually answers it in the solution section. You can revise your physics concepts by doing multiple numbers of questions each day. 

3.S.L.ARORA :  This author’s book has thoroughly explained the concepts in  physics and chemistry and for each chapter there is a list of separate formulas which makes it easy to use and refer while solving questions. The book includes each difficulty level question and answers them conceptually. The book is worth investing in as it can be used for NEET as well as board preparations. 

4.TRUEMAN’s objective biology for NEET : It’s one of the best books to study and build your concepts strong for the long run. Each chapter contains 300-400 questions along with previous year questions which will be a high yield for your future. Though sometimes it becomes a little extra from the NEET syllabus but nonetheless if you study this you could solve any pattern of biology questions and excel in your journey. 

5.CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS BY H. C. VERMA:  This is also one of the high yield books in physics and will help you to make your concepts crystal clear and provide you with each and every possible question pattern for that particular topic. It mainly contains questions of moderate to high difficulty level but is fun to solve and improves your problem solving skills. 

6.ORGANIC CHEMISTRY BY MORRISON : It’s kind of an advanced book but it will clear your doubts in organic chemistry thoroughly. You can read it intermittently along with your other books to clear your concepts and retain it. The book provides every question pattern in organic chemistry to solve and to make you excel in your journey. 

7.Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov: The book contains each and every question pattern though it’s an advanced level book for NEET aspirants but if you have cleared your concepts and solved all your doubts in beginning then the book will be comparatively easy for you to solve. Approach this book only after you have cleared your doubts and understood the concepts properly. 

8.Objective Chemistry by R.K. Gupta: It’s one of the best books for NEET aspirants to solve. It provides a medium for quick revision of the subject along with several patterns of questions which are relevant to the NEET exam and as well as it has previous year questions which gives an idea to students what they are likely to face in future and will ultimately boost their performance 

9.Pradeep’s Publication Biology: The book is suitable for both board and objective exams and is a source of quick revisions of facts and concepts in biology. Regular studying the text and solving questions will boost your memory and will help you to retain facts on your finger tips. 

10.MTG previous year solved question papers:  Once you are completed with your syllabus, always attempt mock tests from this book. It will ultimately help you to test your knowledge, will help you to assess your performance and rectify your mistakes. The books provide solved previous year question papers that will conceptually clear your doubts and will make you familiar with the exam pattern ultimately increasing your outcome in future. 

My advice to all the NEET aspirants is while you prepare, don’t just grab all the books, stick to only 2-3 books for any particular subject. The less the number of books you prepare from the more you will be able to concentrate on the topics and pattern of questions ultimately resulting in better outcome.

All the very best for the future!! 

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Prerna Rajput
Prerna Rajput is a 2nd year Medical student at the Government Doon Medical College.
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