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Time management during NEET exam.

Time management is one thing that is ignored by most of the students, but it is one of the most important factors during the NEET exam. 

No matter how good you are in your subjects, if you do not manage your time, you will fall behind. 

The things that matters are:

Order of solving questions of subjects:

In most of the cases, students prefer to do Biology first then Chemistry and then Physics.It is a good order because biology is very much scoring and easy and followed up by chemistry because chemistry consists of questions that are not needed to be solved. And lastly, physics, because all the questions have to be solved and require time. 

Time for each subject:

You have to decide the time for each subject excluding OMR filling. 

Like in most of the cases students follow this rule that one should be done with biology in 45 minutes, chemistry in 45 min, and physics in 45 minutes and should solve most of the questions in this time. You have 15 minutes for OMR filling and you will be left with an extra 30 minutes where you can do those questions which you couldn’t solve for the first time. 

 Don’t fill OMR at last: it will always be a risky thing to do because if you don’t get time at last to fill the OMR then no matter how much questions you have solved, you will get only the marks according to the answers in OMR. It has happened many times that students circles answer to another question, this mistake is more common when you fill OMR in hurry. So best will be if you will fill it just after completing or solving one subject.

 First solve the easier ones: if you didn’t get the answer, don’t spend too much time on that question just leave it because at the end every question is of 4 marks. You can attempt 2-3 questions more that is you can score 12 marks in other questions rather than solving that time taking questions, so attempt that questions at the last 30 minutes given for revision. 

 Concentrate on the important words of the question.

Like many a times it’s written ‘NOT’ but we often ignore it in a hurr,  mark the wrong answer. So be aware of these words. 

 At last you should be confident and just think positive while answering. 

Sometimes it may occur that you cannot solve 2-3 answers in row, but don’t get nervous by this, you have 45 questions in chemistry and physics and in biology you have 90 questions. So you need not to do all the questions, some questions have to be and should be left because you don’t want to lose 1 mark of the correct answer. So stay confident and just move on to another question if you don’t know the question. 

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