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Time gap between JEE Main and JEE advanced 2022

How many days do we have to prepare for JEE advanced? This is probably the most important question asked by JEE aspirants.

Do you know that lakhs of students appear for the JEE main exam but only a portion of them can clear that and appear for the next exam i.e., JEE advanced? The gap between these two exams is less than 50 days. But the twist here is that some students start preparing for JEE advanced at a very early stage and then some do the preparations for that exam in these 50 days only. For the first category, it doesn’t matter to them how many days they get because they are already prepared for the same. Talking about the second category of aspirants, they wait for the JEE main to be conducted first and after that, they start preparing for JEE advanced. Now the question is that how can students prepare for JEE advanced in 50 days? 

You may look over the last year’s date of JEE Main and JEE advanced exams and you will see that the gap has always been 50 days. But sadly for this year, which is for JEE 2022, this gap has been reduced to only 20 days. This means that just after 20 days of JEE Main, JEE Advanced exam will be conducted. The vast syllabus added to this reduced time gap has increased the problems and the concerns of the students. 

Although we can’t do much about the time gap we can do a lot about the preparation and how to ace this exam within these 20 days. At Moments like this when you do not have sufficient time then use smart work over hard work. Either start preparing for the exam at an early stage or prepare with your best potential in these 20 days. Understand the syllabus first and then collect the best of the resources in limited quantities so that you can cover the syllabus with full efficiency. Make sure that you attempt as many mock papers as you can, they will give you real exposure to the exam structure and the expected level of questions. If this looks unachievable then give a thought to PracBee! Get yourself enrolled here and make the most out of your preparation days. 

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