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You’ve given your NEET UG exam and have already cross checked your response in the OMR to the available answer keys. You have faired well and are confident that you’ll be joining a med school this year itself.

You’re happy and euphoric, your joy knows no bound.

However, there’s still one important crucial step left to complete before you can enjoy it fully. That important step is filling up your college preferences. Where you do your MBBS makes little difference in your life, you’ll hear this being said repeatedly and it’s true. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get in the best med school possible right?

So, to help you with that we’ve made your work easy, below is the right college preference order that you must opt for while filling your preferred choice. Keep in mind that most of the students prefer their own state’s colleges over the other ones. And language is the must to consider while choosing your MBBS college because you will have to spend your most precious 5 years there.

As a general rule of thumb follow this order for applying for colleges:

1) Central Institutions like PGI Chandigarh/Rohtak, AIIMS, BHU, JIPMER, etc. 

2) Second best option is to apply for colleges in big cities like the ones in Mumbai or Delhi eg. MAMC, VMMC, Seth GS, Topiwala National, etc. 

The reason is that there is a ton of exposure to a wide variety of cases and the institutions are likely to have better investigative and treatment modalities than compared to other places.

3) Third in line comes state top institutes, for example if you’re from UP you should obviously try for KGMC, RML, Kanpur, Prayagraj, etc.

4) Everything after that is more or less up for personal preference or as per convenience.

**It should be noted that several individuals would want you to opt for Tier 1 city colleges over choosing peripheral AIIMS like AIIMS Patna or Rishikesh. Well, it’s upto you honestly.  Choose wisely and you will come out as a great learner. 

My reason for ordering AIIMS peripherals over these other colleges would be the public perception of med schools. They don’t understand the intricacies of a med school and to them the AIIMS tag is all that matters so if that is something that’s important for you then go for AIIMS or else the Tier 1 city colleges are pretty good as well. 

Hope this filing order has helped you and made your decision making easier. Good luck. 

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Utkarsh Singh
Utkasrh Singh is a final year student at Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science.
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