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Best Books for NEET Preparation

NEET is considered to be the most competitive examination in the country as about 15 lac students compete with each other to secure a seat in the best medical colleges of the country. To crack such an examination, students should have practiced as much as possible. A mistake that many students commit in this journey of NEET preparation is not creating a pool of resources including books and e-materials etc. Students are advised to have a reliable and limited set of books to solve questions. NCERT and previous year questions are the books which must not be avoided at any cost. In this article, we will discuss some of the most referred books by NEET aspirants which have also proved fruitful to them.


Physics section of NEET accounts for 25 percent of the paper. Most of the NEET aspirants find this paper difficult due to its calculations and applications. To master the subject, one should focus on understanding the concept and its application in problems. Students are advised to solve previous year question papers and practice questions as much as possible to score higher marks in Physics. Below are some of the most referred books for Physics.


Concepts of Physics by HC VERMA (Part 1 and Part 2)

Objective Physics by D.C. Pandey

Concepts of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Agarwal

Objective Physics by Prof. Satya Prakash Arya


Chemistry is divided into three parts which are Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Each of the three requires a different strategy to master, as Physical Chemistry is more about numericals whereas organic chemistry requires understanding of the reaction mechanisms. On the other hand, Inorganic chemistry deals with the understanding of concepts and memorizing of the exceptional behaviors of substances. Some of the books that students can refer for preparing Chemistry are:

Organic Chemistry by Solomons, M.S. Chauhan

Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern

Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon

Inorganic Chemistry, J.D. Lee


Biology is the most weighted subject of NEET, accounting for 360 marks or half of the entire paper. This subject needs a good understanding of concepts and remembering facts from various topics studied. Proper reading of the books followed by revision should be a daily practice of the students who want to master the subject. Students are expected to give significant importance to diagrams as questions are asked from it many times. This is a section where ignoring the NCERT book could cause a huge problem in the preparation. Below are some of the  books that students can follow apart from NCERT.

Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

Moderns ABC of Biology for XI & XII – B. B. Arora, A. K. Sabharwal- Modern Publishers

Objective Biology by Dinesh

Exploring Biology (Vol 1 & 2) – Sanjay Sharma & Sudhakar Banerjee

Students are advised to not follow all the books at a time but choose the book which they understand better and follow it religiously. However, NCERTs are not to be avoided and any one reference book can be followed along with it at a time.

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