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Physics for JEE: Learn it in easy way and get a good score

IIT JEE is considered to be a tough competitive exam. However, you can crack it easily with well-dedicated preparation. Also, it is best that you make a proper time-table and notes every day. In order to qualify the exam with good ranks, candidates must prepare all subjects equally.

Physics is an analytical subject which needs to be visualised and understood through its concepts and principles. Physics cannot be learnt by memorizing the principles and concepts, one has to understand how to apply those principles and concepts. The other important part of JEE Main physics is numerical problems. Students have to solve as many numericals as they can to get good command over the subject.
I will try to specify all the things that you may need to know in order to prepare for JEE so that, if enough time is given and with enough hard work, it will also allow you to get good rank as well.

Some steps should be followed for Preparation of examinations:

1.Select the Chapters of Physics having more weightage in JEE Mains :-
Candidates should focus on the Chapters of Physics which have more weightage on JEE Mains. Some Chapters are very important for the examination point of view. Candidates should know about the exam pattern, Chapter wise weightage of Physics in JEE Mains. This will help them to get an idea that which type of questions usually comes in an exam and what are the pattern of questions etc., which will help them in preparation of exams. Some topics will be given more weightage in accordance with the importance while learning. Students will get to know which topics are more important for exams and which one is less important can focus on the topics by analyzing the difficulty level and weightage.

2.NCERT is the best book to start studying Physics for JEE Main. It is written by the most eminent Physicists and has a very lucid and easy to understand language. Make a preparation time table for JEE Main. Allot at least 4-5 hours daily for JEE Main preparation and 2 hours specifically for Physics apart from school hours.

3.Revise in evening the topics studied before going to sleep. Give proper time to study each chapter. Understand the concepts and learn from the examples.
Do not hurry or learn anything in haste and don’t try to memorize the concepts. Make your own notes from studying the topics.

4.Mark your strong topics stronger. With just a little work, you will be able to solve most of the questions related to those topics in JEE, and it will be the most important factor in your scoring.
Make a plan for revision and practice according to their importance and your hold over that. Even if you think that you haven’t got much of the topics, in theory, don’t go starting with books again. Just read your notes (and watch youtube videos on that topic at max), and start practicing directly. It’s the time when you improvise your learning methods; one example is “Learning by Doing”.

5.Best way to improve your understanding is by seriously analyzing your faults and weaknesses whenever your practice. This will significantly improve your understanding and confidence in less time.

6.Be consistent – Nothing influences your performance like consistency. It can beat the genius minds that are not regular. Whenever you find any difficulty in any topic for any topic, don’t hesitate to get external help, ask your friends or your teachers. Be active in your classes.

7.For the backlogs (if you have any in the future), put aside 2 hours daily; 1 hour for one subject. Keep rotating your subjects for these 2 hours; like Phy+Chem for 1 day, Chem+Maths for the next day. Just choose one topic and devote all the time to practicing and clearing your concepts. Include them in your revision plan, once you finish with them. You can also make it 3 hours a day if you have time, but in my opinion, 2 hours should be enough.

Let’s start with the resources to use…

1.HC Verma’s Concept of Physics– Holy book for studying theory in Physics. Brilliant and easy explanation of almost every topic that you will encounter in JEE Physics Syllabus. Keep this as your go-to book for any chapter’s theory.

2.D.C. Pandey’s Set of 5 books for JEE Physics- The book is next to none when it comes to developing problem-solving skills, right from the basic to the top. What I like about the book is that there are lots of solved examples that allow you to learn the technique of concept application and problem-solving for all the topics in a topic-wise manner.

3.I.E. Irodov: This is a classic, concise, and very famous but tough problem book with higher-level problems in Physics. Solve the chapters of electromagnetism, Mechanics, and thermodynamics for your JEE Preparation.

4.Fundamentals of Physics” by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker. It is THE BEST BOOK for pre-undergraduate physics and can be easily used for JEE Physics as a reference book for certain tough topics.

Important Topics from Class 11 Physics for JEE
Law of Motion
Work Power and Energy
System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids
Thermal Properties of Matter
Kinetic Theory
Oscillation and Waves

Important Topics from Class 12 Physics for JEE
Electric Charge and Field
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Current Electricity
Moving Charges and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves
Ray and Wave Optics
Atom and Nuclei

Hope this helps with your JEE preparation. All the best.
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