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NRI MBBS Quota Cut-off Set at 167

In India, hundreds of aspirant medical students compete each year for a small number of spots at esteemed medical schools. Although there is stiff competition, there are a number of quotas and reserve categories that students can apply under to get accepted. The NRI (Non-Resident Indian) quota is one such category, which frequently has a different set of eligibility requirements and cut-off scores. The NRI MBBS quota will be covered in detail together with the recent implementation of a cut-off score of 167 in this blog.

The effectiveness of paid seats implemented in the state has been called into doubt because a student applying for an MBBS seat in a state medical college under the NRI quota will only need to score 167 out of 720 in the NEET when the cut-off for a Scheduled Tribe (Hill) student was previously 314.

A student who qualifies for the NRI quota by proving blood ties to an NRI must spend 70 times more on tuition than other MBBS students in Assam.

The state department of medical education’s first round of counseling has concluded, and the ST (Hill) cut-off score is 314 while the NRI quota cut-off score is as low as 167. For students in the unreserved category, the minimum score needed for the NEET 2023 exam is 137.

The first round of counseling’s cut-off scores were somewhat higher for candidates in all other reserved categories as well: 454 for Scheduled Castes, 381 for ST (Plains), and 436 for students who identified as OBC.

According to sources in the Assam Directorate of Medical Education, the majority of the students who were admitted under the NRI quota were Assamese citizens. Twenty-nine applicants were admitted under the NRI quota. Although the minimum score required for admission under it was 167, some students just narrowly missed normal entrance by a few marks. One kid achieved a score of 538, according to the source.

As per the source, “After some of the students failed to get admission through the regular process, they used an NRI link to get a seat.”

Even though the student who placed first in the NRI quota entries scored 538 on the NEET, his general category status prevented him from being admitted to the MBBS program. The most recent first round’s cut-off for the general or unreserved category is 552 points. 30 students had already registered for online counseling using the NRI quota; however, one of them was unable to present the NRI link.

Aspiring medical students who want to apply under the NRI MBBS quota should thoroughly research the admission requirements of the medical colleges they are interested in as well as concentrate on meeting the minimum cut-off score. Financial planning is also essential because NRI candidates may pay much higher fees.

The NRI MBBS quota, which has a cut-off score of 167, is a remarkable option for NRI students, but it necessitates careful planning, supporting evidence, and knowledge of the subtleties of the admissions procedure.

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