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Draft National Curriculum Framework: Expanding Subject Options for Board Classes 8, 9, and 10

  Education is really important for people and society. To make sure it stays useful and meets the changing needs of students, we should regularly review and update the curriculum. The new plan for the National Curriculum suggests some changes to how students are evaluated.

One of the main changes is the evaluation system. Instead of just relying on one exam at the end of the year, students’ final grades will be based on their overall performance over a two-year period. This means their grades will be based on multiple tests taken throughout Classes IX to XII. This should give students a better understanding of their progress and reduce the pressure on them

The draft also suggests adding eight new subjects for students in Classes 9-10 and 11-12. These subjects will be divided into 16 different courses that students can choose from. Each course will be completed in one semester, and the courses will be spread out over four semesters. Right now, students can only take the board exam in a minimum of five subjects and a maximum of six. This means they have limited options for studying different subjects. The new plan aims to change that and allow students to study a wider range of subjects. The eight new subjects are humanities, mathematics and computing, vocational education, physical education, arts education, social science, science, and interdisciplinary areas. This will encourage students to explore their interests and create a more flexible and inclusive learning environment.

In Classes 9 and 10, students will take two courses from each subject area, completing a total of 16 courses over two years. This new system replaces the traditional way of dividing students into science, arts/humanities, and commerce streams. Instead, it encourages students to take courses from different streams to gain a broader understanding of subjects, while still allowing them to specialize in a particular area if they want to.