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NEET 2022 exam was conducted on July 17 and as per the analysis and notification released by NTA, the pattern was the same as last year. There were a total of 200 questions out of which 180 questions were to be attempted by the candidates with questions coming from subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. Every subject had two sections i.e., section A and section B. Section A had 35 questions which were mandatory to attempt. However, section B had 15 questions, out of which only 10 were to be attempted. In all, the exam was for a total of 720 marks, and students were given 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete the same. The exam has been conducted already and students can expect the results in the next 30 days. 

Let’s take a look at the detailed analysis of the paper. 


As per the PracBee’s experts and the teachers, the question paper was of easy to moderate level.

Approximately 40-45% of questions were easy to attempt and around 40-45% of questions were moderate and the rest were difficult. Most of the questions were asked about mechanics, modern physics, and electricity. And to our surprise, all questions were directly from the class notes.


The chemistry section of NEET 2022 included 17 inorganic, 17 physical, and 16 organic questions. All the questions were from NCERT and that was too easy to moderate-level questions. Out of a total of 50 questions, only 11 questions were numerical based, 37 questions were fully theory-based and 2 were graphical questions. Nearly 10% of the questions were assertion and reason type questions which were lengthy and time-consuming in comparison to other questions.


Biology was again of moderate level. The questions were asked from the NCERT but they were tricky. Just like the previous year, major questions were asked about genetics, Biotech, Biomolecule, and cell. 

To sum this up, the NEET 2022 exam was of moderate level, however, it was a bit lengthy as compared to NEET 2021 exam. As a first impression, aspirants found Physics to be a little tough and hard as it was lengthy to solve as well. However, Biology and chemistry were easier to attempt in comparison to physics.  
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