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Must know facts about your med school before joining MBBS

It takes a lot of effort, time and dedication before you finally make it into a med school in India.

Everyone is excited and curious about what their MBBS journey is going to look like.

Young doctors-to-be check out their college pictures and reviews even before stepping into the college just to get a glimpse of what their next 5.5yrs are going to look like.

However, when you’re about to join a med school there are few more things that you should check out other than just the pictures on Google to make sure you make the right decision.

This matters even more so for those who are taking admissions into PMCs or Deemed Universities.

So, here is a list of few things that you should inspect about your college before joining in:

• First and foremost, head to the NMC website to check the recognition status of your college. More often than not, PMCs and Deemed Universities that have lost their recognitions from the NMC or never had one to begin with can be seen taking active admission.  You do not want to get enrolled in a college without NMC recognition. Your degree wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

• Head to the world directory of medical colleges (you can reach that website just by googling the same) and see if your college or university is mentioned in their list. This is imperative for anyone who wishes to consider the idea of applying for post-graduation outside India let’s say the US or the UK. Without your college’s name in it you wouldn’t be eligible for these exams.

• Hospital patient footfall. This is very crucial for anyone who aspires to acquire not just a degree in a piece of paper but also the essential clinical skills that makes you a good clinician. A healthy patient footfall to your hospital will ensure you get enough clinical exposure and master the basic skills of bedside assessment before you graduate that’ll make you employable in the future.

• The general ambiance of the college. This is important, anywhere you’re going to be spending the next 6yrs of your life needs to have a healthy comptetive & a positive ambiance. Several colleges are infamous for having a toxic work culture where professors make it hard for students to thrive. While you may not care for it right now but it’ll come to haunt you later in the forthcoming years. Try to get into touch with someone who has completed their MBBS from the college or by going to the Google news section after typing your college’s name and see if the college has been in some negative news recently.

Nothing is absolutely predictable for sure, however you can always follow these few basic steps that’ll take less of your time than what it took me to write it down and ensure that the place you’re heading to is safe and that you’ll actually thrive and come out as a good clinician after the end of your MBBS journey.

All the best !
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