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Mistakes that should be avoided while preparing for JEE.

Mistakes that should be avoided in the preparation of JEE is what every student wants to know. So that they can avoid mistakes which their seniors did and they would be aware enough to perform better in their JEE preparation.

First thing is, everyone thinks that if they would solve more number of books then they would be getting more concepts, and will be able to solve more number of questions but that’s the place where most of the students get misguided as every student feels like more books means more success but real success can be achieved from a single book only. Also, if you would have a nice teacher then he can combine all the important books and will provide you a one which will be more than enough.

Next thing which becomes important in this modern era, is that students have lots and lots of options for teachers so they usually make mistake and switch their teachers just like their food but if you will change your food often then you would be having stomach diseases so same thing is for JEE too, the more often you will switch your teacher, more is the chance that you will get confused in the concepts and will not be able to perform so I would suggest that first of all choose the best possible teachers and go with them .

Next thing is fear, most of the JEE aspirants keep on thinking about the competition and toughness of the exam which they usually hear from the people that this is the second hardest exam of the country but I would say toughness is not present in the exam, it is present in ourselves only. The more difficult you will see it, the more it will become, so I would suggest you to be sincere with your prep but you should not be frightened with exam, as there is very big difference between sincerity and fear and many of the students take it in a wrong way which leads to the reduction in their potential to do the work.

Just be positive and calm in this journey, it is a very beautiful journey but just take it positively, work hard and give your best! When you would be leaving this phase then you will find you learnt a lot from this two year.

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