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Mistakes that one should avoid during NEET preparation

Not giving sufficient time to NCERT books:

Neglecting the NCERT books and giving utmost importance to the reference books only is one of the blunder mistakes made by the candidates. Any candidate who wishes to crack the NEET exam by scoring decent marks should undoubtedly read NCERT books first and later go for other reference books.

For physical chemistry. One should memorize the formula by heart and understand the application of those formulas. Don’t forget to test your knowledge by solving NCERT examples and back exercises. You can refer to NARENDER AWASTHI for this. In Physical Chemistry, after you are done with a chapter, write down all the equations from that chapter in a notebook for quick reference and better retention. 

For organic chemistry. One should understand the mechanism of organic reactions. Always start with NCERT chemistry. You should be aware of the classification of electrophile and nucleophilic based on power.

Some important chapters of organic chemistry are General organic compound, aldehyde and ketone, hydrocarbon, carboxylic acid, and nitro compound. You can refer to OP TANDON’s book for organic chemistry.

For inorganic chemistry: Read NCERT line by line and highlight the important points and keywords. You can refer to Arihant’s question bank book for this purpose.

Make a separate notebook for named reactions & their mechanism. Note down the key points and review them often. It helps in sufficient revision. Write on sticky notes and paste them at places from where you can easily see them and recall the facts.

Candidates can refer reference books like NCERT fingertips, Dinesh book, and Trueman book. 

Not analyzing the mock tests properly 

Most of the students attempt mock tests with utmost sincerity but don’t give sufficient time in analysing their mistakes. Candidates should always try to learn from their mistakes and should work on those mistakes to score even better marks in the coming mocks. 

Hunting for multiple resources and not sticking to your basic books

It is better to read single books multiple times instead of reading multiple books one time. 

Always finish NCERT books first and then go for other reference books.

Focusing too much on rote learning instead of understanding the actual concept

In practical subjects like chemistry and physics, candidates should give importance to understanding the concept and revising the formula multiple times, these two things are the key to slashing good marks in physics and chemistry. 

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