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Today I am going to tell you about the life of a medical student. The problems they have to face and what benefits do they get in this medical journey.
How do you apply the knowledge that you gained for the rest of your life to diagnose the patient diseases? As an MBBS student, if you read the book just to pass your exam, it makes no sense. In this medical field, the main thing is how you apply your knowledge to diagnose the patient diseases and how you give the best solution to treat it. Your knowledge is waste if you will not be able to make a smile on a patient faces. So as a medical student, you have to be sincere since beginning of your college. When you go for the clinical posting, always try to apply your knowledge on patient reports about what is abnormal or normal. Always look for an x-ray, CBC, KFT, RGU, MCU, CT SCAN etc it gives you an idea about the abnormalities. In MBBS, experience is more important so always have to be in front for clinical cases.

When you start your medical journey during your studies, you will always feel that you are also suffering from these diseases.  This is my personal experience. But when you diagnose it nothing will come in the report. This syndrome is called medical student syndrome (a psychological condition among medical trainees that experience the symptoms of the disease or diseases they are studying).

Sometimes you will be in stressful condition because you will not be able to make proper treatment instead of knowing the correct diagnosis. Because sometimes a specific disease can have multiple causes and in this case, we should be very careful before making treatment.  In some cases, medication is not able to do much so we have to look for a surgical procedures like bladder neck incision urethrotomy surgery, hemorrhoid, stricture etc. So if you are from the medicine department, then refer the patient to the surgical ward. If you do complete your MBBS and MS/MD, it does not  mean that you will treat all the diseases. Different body parts diseases are assigned to different wards.

Joined with social activities
A medical student does more than just perform surgeries, treat patients, and make medical prescriptions. A good MBBS student can understand, relate, and connect with their patients and their family and friends too. It can often be hard to communicate with patients when they are going through a lot of physical pain. Furthermore, doctors continually come across patients with different social backgrounds, personalities, and behaviours. Joined with social activities help you bring you behavioral changes, make you stress-free.
In medicine, communication skill is important to see how you convince the patient to follow proper treatment.
In medicine, you will make a close friend who’s also studying medicine and they will always help you whenever you need them. Never underestimate others, the last bencher can also score good marks and have a high IQ.

Sports, Singing, Dancing, Drama competition etc. The medical students also engage in dancing, sports, drama etc to maintain a physically fit body. 

The medical field is long course, around 5-6 years + 3 years. There are always ups and downs in this field but we should try not to be stressed by this thing. Always talk to seniors and friends to maintain your mind stress-free. In this field, we get holiday only for 1 week per year. But trust me, in the end you will be happy that you choose this field. 

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Rechers Jaiswal
Rechers is a Doctor in making and is a 2nd year M.B.B.S. student at Dr Ram Manohar Medical College, Delhi.
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