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Should droppers take same coaching for JEE

Taking drop is very big decision for JEE. One should take drop only if he/she is confident because when one takes drop then the student has to face more pressure, so if you are ready to handle this pressure then only take drop. When one takes drop then it becomes important to decide that either one wants to do self – study or want to join the coaching. It’s true that many aspirants are there who have even cracked JEE with self – study only in first attempt. Even there are those aspirants who have done self – study in drop year. Look it’s the thing that one can crack JEE with self – study as well but very less percentage of people crack JEE with self – study. So, it is always advised to join a coaching such that you can get proper guidance. If you are dropper then also you should join a coaching.

When one takes drop and have prepared through a coaching in previous attempt also then it becomes confusing that one should take same coaching for drop year or not. Sometime aspirant starts thinking that they have failed in JEE because of coaching. But it’s not so, coaching is not at fault. Coaching would have been at fault only if every aspirant of coaching has failed the JEE exam. And this never happens. Most of the JEE repeaters joins the same coaching and even they crack JEE as well. They join the same coaching because they are familiar with that coaching. If one will join same coaching then nothing will be new for him/her to perform best. One should change the coaching in drop year, if your experience at that coaching was not good. If you have not faced any difficulty in coaching then you should not change your coaching.

If one joins the same coaching in drop year as well, the student can perform well. One has more chance to perform well in drop year because student has covered the syllabus once so now they need only revision and practice. They need to strengthen weaker areas. You can join same coaching and perform better as well. Ultimately, it should be only your decision that you have to join same coaching or not and also it will be your decision that even you have to join a coaching or you have to do self – study. Because you know yourself better than anyone

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