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JEE Main Session 4 Day 3 (31.08.2021) Exam Analysis

The fourth and final session of JEE Main of this academic year began from 26th August and its day 4 exam was conducted on 31st August. Apart from the aspirants of BTech or BE, candidates for BArch and BPlanning will also be appearing for the exam. Both the shifts of Day 4 are concluded and the analysis for question paper of both the shifts will be presented to you in this article. With this analysis our aim is to provide you an idea of the difficulty level of exam, topic wise weightage subjects and several other factors.

Analysis for Shift 1: August 31, Day 3 of Session 4

The paper was moderately difficult in general and was balanced covering all the major topics from each subject. Some memory-based questions were also there in the exam involving direct formulas. The section wise comparison of difficulty level ranking would be Mathematics being most difficult followed by physics and chemistry. Subject wise analysis for the exam is given below.

Mathematics: The difficulty level of Mathematics particularly was moderate. Majorly all the topics were included in the exam but higher weightage was given to topics like Circle, 3D-Geometry, Vectors, Integral Calculus. The questions asked involved lengthy calculations and hence were time taking.

Physics: Physics questions asked were moderate in difficulty level and had equal weightage covering questions from most of the topics. However, there were more numerical based questions than theory. Most of the numerical questions were formula based and direct. The chapters carrying most of the questions were Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics etc.

Chemistry: Questions from chemistry were moderate in difficulty level. Questions were NCERT based. An equal number of questions were asked from Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. However, unlike the previous trend, a greater number of questions appeared from Physical Chemistry and a lot of numerical questions were also seen.

Analysis for Shift 2: August 31, Day 3 of Session 4

The shift 2 of Day 3 was easy to moderate in terms of difficulty level. Similar to the previous shifts, if we compare the difficulty level subject wise, it would be Mathematic at first followed by Physics which is followed by Chemistry. The overall exam can be considered as moderate in difficulty level.

Mathematics: It was a moderately difficult section and the solutions were lengthy. The higher weightage was given to Calculus and Algebra. Questions were also asked from chapters like Definite Integral, Matrices, Progressions, Binomial Theorem, P and C, Vectors and 3D Geometry etc.

Physics: The questions in this session were moderate. Students found the some of the numerical questions to be quiet confusing and tricky while the other were lengthy. The chapters asked were Wave Optics, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, Current Electricity, and Semiconductors etc.Chemistry: It was an easy section. The questions were majorly based on the NCERT textbook. Organic Chemistry was given higher weightage than the others. Amines, Alcohols, Biomolecules and Environmental Chemistry are among the chapters, questions were asked from.

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