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JEE Main 2022: Key to Excel in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most crucial part of JEE preparation as concepts of mathematics are also used in Physics (for e.g. Differentiation, Integration etc. while solving numerical) and Chemistry whose major part of Physical Chemistry is dependent on mathematical concepts. Also, despite equal weightage of Math, Physics, and Chemistry in JEE Main, Mathematics has an edge over the other two as in case of a tie, score in mathematics acts as a tie-breaker. The syllabus of Math for JEE includes Class XI and Class XII topics of NCERT which is an ideal mix of easy and difficult topics. The right approach to excel in mathematics is to build strong fundamentals and practice quality questions until you gain confidence on the topic. In this article we will discuss some tips to score higher marks in mathematics for JEE Main. 

To begin with, students are expected to understand the syllabus or the topics of the ongoing chapter in detail and its importance in the JEE Main examination. Having this understanding of topics will help him/her maintain focus while the topics are taught for the first time which is of utmost importance in mathematics. Next step is to build a habit of doing daily revision of concepts taught in class and then practice questions of the same topic. This will bring clarity and deeper understanding of topics and also students will be able to ask their doubts, if any, from their teachers. 

Though syllabus should be covered from length and breadth but there are certain topics that had consistently weighed higher in the exam. Students should be well aware of the past trends and give extra attention to important topics. Solving past year problems while studying a topic will help in many ways as it builds an understanding of kind of questions asked in exam and also helps in building confidence of solving actual JEE problems

Students are advised to maintain a notebook to write down key concepts, derivations, formulas, special questions or any specific tricks that he or she may find useful. This proves to be extremely useful in having a quick glance of concepts whenever required. One thing that must be taken care of is that the concepts in the book should be very crisp and organized. Also, this will help in memorizing the formulas if you refer to it on a regular basis.

Attempting sectional tests and topic tests for math with limited time will be extremely useful if you do an in-depth analysis of your mistakes or the other ways of doing a particular question apart from the one followed by you. Tests should be time-bound and must be given at regular intervals but not too frequent as the objective of it is to assess yourself and identify weak areas which need more focus. Don’t overburden yourself with more than a test in a week as you have other subjects too.

Students are advised to focus on higher accuracy rather than speed while solving questions in the beginning. Only once they are confident, they can start focusing on speed or other different approaches useful for MCQ type of questions. Ultimately, like any other subject, mathematics also requires rigorous revision and students are advised to regularly revise and practice questions of previous chapters along with the ongoing chapters. This will reduce the workload at later stage of preparation when you won’t have to revise things from the beginning as you have made revision an ongoing process.

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