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How to improve reading skills for JEE/NEET?

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Students need to cover a lot of study material while preparing for JEE/NEET. They need to go through study material, books, notes, etc., so the need is to read them effectively, and this requires good reading skills. This article will discuss how students can improve their reading skills to read materials quickly and effectively.

Improving reading skills-
  • Read with concentration

It’s a well-known fact that activities yield better results when done with total concentration. So, students should try to be as focused as they can while reading. So, to stay focused, students adopt the following tips-

  1. Read in a quiet, distraction-free surroundings. It improves the quality of our reading helps to cover up things quickly.
  2. Use pen/pencil while reading to mark essential facts, keywords, etc. Some students have the habit of highlighting the whole book with a marker; it should be avoided. The human brain is very good at recognising keywords, so students should extract some keywords while reading; this helps recall the content later. 
  3. Students can also read aloud. Some students find it easy to understand and memorise the content quickly when they speak aloud the words they are reading. This may not work for everyone, but it’s still better to try different techniques to concentrate better.
  • Remain enthusiastic while reading

Students who are not used to reading find it challenging to go through the study materials, and they get bored and give up reading. So to remain enthusiastic while reading, follow these tips-

  1. Pick up the right books– start with the subjects you are most comfortable with. To get an initial start, students can start with their favourite topics, and as they develop interest, they should switch to other subjects as well.
  2. Set reading goals: Students should set reading goals to cover their JEE/NEET study material, notes, books as soon as possible. It also encourages reading as students now have to complete the set goals.
  3. Practise questions: To get the best from your reading practice questions after reading sessions, it will help you cement the concept you just studied. As the performance improves, students feel even more motivated to read through the study material.
  4. Re-reading: The secret to success is re-reading your notes/study material to reinforce the memory. Reading is a regular activity and should never be ignored.

These were a few suggestions that students can adopt to improve their reading and score high in JEE/NEET.

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